Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Thrill of Victimhood, The Agony of Dehydration

My Love had an air of curiosity in her tone when she said this over the weekend:

“The neighbors said they saw you out running this morning. They said you looked … ‘very intense.’”


“Yep, I saw them,” I said, digging through the mini-fridge for hoppy re-hydration. “And that’s how I look when I ‘m concentrating on not dying.”

I sensed her glare without turning around.

“OK. Concentrating on not dying more than usual,” I clarified. “No one wants to be found a victim while wearing Day-Glo green sneakers and sweaty jogging shorts without underwear.”

+ + +

I run on Sunday to put an end to Juvenile Myositis. I’m about $3,000 shy of my $15,000 goal.

Give online today at or send a check to:

Cure JM Foundation
Attn: 2013 Chicago Fundraiser
836 Lynwood Drive
Encinitas, CA 92024

Don’t make me sweat and risk cardiac arrest in vain.



  1. My walk is the following Saturday. I was out for a 10 mile training walk/run today with an over 100 heat index... it was supposed to be 13, but well, I too was concentrating on NOT dying. But I did stick to VERY public roads in case someone needed to pick my florescent pink ass up off the ground. :)

    You will do awesome I'm sure... as well as the kids. As for your love, I'm sure she will crush her PR... (show off) :) Enjoy!



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