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If you are interested in purchasing an ad on my blog, I'm interested in selling space to you.
Email me for rates on text ads and display button ads.


I rarely do any of these, mostly because:

1. This a personal blog not a review or marketing blog.
2. Most pitches I receive are form letters to "Mr. ______" or "Mommy Blogger" seeking free write-ups.
3. Most of the products pitched to me are, well, lame or completely irrelevant.

That said, I do make exceptions (on this blog and in my writing on DadCentric). For example:
Note that all those sponsors offered:
  • freedom to write whatever I wanted, and 
  • me or my readers something tangible (meat or DVDs for the readers, money for me). 
If the product is something I truly like or would truly benefit my readers, I'm willing to consider it. Make me a thoughtful, interesting pitch.

And please, no more baby gear or baby clothing. My kids are waaaaay past that stage, and I don't give a flying fig what type of organic burp cloth a celebrity wipes off his/her kid's drool with.

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