Monday, July 12, 2010

Maybe I’m Not Such a Bad Guy After All

erase a hole stick


erase ahole not   
Phew! Glad that didn’t work on me.

Hope it does a better job on youth soccer officials.

+ + +

Now please swing over to my blogging bud Vodka Mom’s site where you can enter to win a “Despicable Me” prize pack by helping Cure JM snag a $250,000 Pepsi Refresh grant. We’re still stuck at No. 13 so vote today and every day through July 31 and ask your friends to do the same. Thanks!

UPDATE! Now Vodka Mom is also offering the chance to win a Flip Video camera but one of the requirements is still voting for Cure JM to win that $250,000 grant.


  1. Promise I've been voting, early and often. Good luck!

  2. Definitely going to vote.
    Yay! No more A Hole!
    Um, what?!


    That's funny! Where did you find that?

  4. That's so delightfully random! HAHA!

  5. I was voting each day without the enticement ...but what they hell, I'm enticed!

  6. I was voting each day without the enticement ...but what they hell, I'm enticed!

  7. Is that the unscented version?

  8. Whew! Close one! Nary a sphincter in sight, which is good no matter how one looks at it. Or maybe not looking is better:)

  9. Since I'm in Florida right now, will my vote count twice?

  10. Just voted again.
    Do they sell that product in bulk, by the way? My wife wanted me to ask.

  11. I just got a hold of some of that stuff.Here. Let me give it a t

  12. Voted. And I think murder would have been a totally acceptable response to BigWig.

  13. We're voting.... early and OFTEN. WHo knew you could vote so many times from one hou.....I mean......

    Once a day.


  14. Hehehe. Now there's a scientific study if I've ever seen one. And I have. Loads. So I should know.

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  16. I will definitely going to vote. You are such a funny person. I like your personality. I am sure that you are good friend too.

  17. Thanks for the links, don't need either of the things the hilarious Vodka Mom is giving away, but I absolutely did vote for such a fantastic cause.


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