Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Beer is a Many Splendored Thing

redhook beer brewery washington Today’s is National Beer Drinking Day.

I swear.

I heard it on the news this morning. They would never report on something this important if it wasn’t true.

Weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East, definitely, but never this.

steamworks beer vancouver

There are many a day I enjoy a Tanqueray and tonic, too.

Sometimes, an icy Bombay Sapphire martini (up with a twist, please) does the trick, but only one – thank you.

In the summer, I dig lazing about with a mojito. Or perhaps, three. What can I say. I like mint.

But beer. Nectar of the gods, in all your hoppy, malty, flavorful incarnations. Thank you for the days. And nights. Not so much the belly, but I forgive you. Love takes work, and if loving you requires working out -- so be it.


So to you, I raise a glass. And you, too, friends – whether we’ve ever clinked glasses and tipped one back together or not.




  1. I'm usually a wine drinker myself, but every once in a while, especially on hot summer days or just slightly cool Fall evenings I love a nice Sam Adams, preferably seasonal. The Pumpkin one or the Octoberfest are my favs

  2. I'm sure it's just a coincidence that National Beer Drinking Day also falls on Hump Day.

  3. I think I shall partake. mean every day isn't National Beer Drinking Day? I think the country needs to get on my holiday drinking schedule ASAP!

  4. National Beer Drinking Day and the Beginning of Rosh Hashanah today? And beer is Kosher. What more do we need to show everyone exactly who are the Chosen Mutha Effers up in this piece?

  5. Kat - Sam's is one of the better pumpkin ales around. That is a real hit and miss genre. Seek out Dogfish Punkin Ale in you can find it.

    FADKOG - Normally, you'd think the beer drinking would proceed the humping.

  6. BE Earl - Seriously. It's 365 around here.

    Homemaker - I feel the need to send you some He'brew:

  7. Also? The caption for that pic of Thing 1 and the Beer should read "Thing 1 looks on, dubious of her father's other children."

  8. This is the best news I've heard all day! Cheers.

    If you haven't done so already, do yourself a favor and try some San Diego beers, especially anything from Stone Brewing. IPAs are the local specialty.

  9. crap, and I totally forgot to decorate for the holiday. maybe there's something at rite aid....

  10. I always wanted to acquire a taste for beer, to go with pizza and Mexican food. It never happened. I got my belly, without beer!

  11. I thought I liked beer too, drinking my Killians and Blue Moon. Went to a beer tasting this summer at Wagner Brewery in NY and discovered I really don't like beer. Either that or theirs were just bad.

  12. Do any of you home brew? I wish I had the patience for that. I want my beer right away. I don't have time to wait for fermentation.

    I usually dig the amber beers, but I've rarely met a beer I didn't like.

  13. I confess, i like it all - so much s, i will also cook with it.
    Example you just cannot make good chili with out adding beer to the pot while cooking and the mouth after tasting

  14. "Whisky's too rough,
    champagne cost too much,
    vodka puts my mouth in gear,

    This little refrain,
    should help me explain...
    as a matter of fact
    I like beer!
    (He likes beer!)"


  15. Ashamed of myself for missing that it was Beer Drinking Day. I didn't miss drinking beer, of course, but if I'd known that would have certainly been cause for another. Mrs. LIAYF might have even bought that line.

  16. Feel free to have my allotted ration of beer young one. My interests lie in its older siblings.

  17. Were you at the Red Hook up in Portsmouth, NH? Loooove that place.

    Also: if so, y'all shoulda stopped by!

  18. Sorry I missed beer drinking day. I, however, do not partake in the substance... I will, however, raise my glass of vodka in honor of missing the hallow day :)

  19. Dammit, I always miss the cool holidays. Good thing I celebrate year-round.


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