Thursday, December 1, 2011

Naked Again

How desperate are people for me to get rid of this growth on my face?

The folks at Philips Norelco not only sent me, free of charge, their Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer Pro but also their super high-end SensoTouch 3D Electric Razor.

Then they forked over $15,000 to the cause our band of Movember Dads has been growing these goofy things for.

All I had to do is use them … and let the world watch me as I did:

Ahhhh. Smoooooth.

Thing 2 has already said he’ll let me kiss him again since I’m not so “prickly.”

Thing 1 was too busy texting to comment. Once the cell phone battery dies, I’m sure she’ll look up and say something. Maybe even something nice.

My Love … well, she says she likes me better clean shaven but I think secretly she dug the ‘stache. Let her pretend she was snoring next some strange other man every night.

Well … strange, definitely.

# # #

If you want to be smooth like me, I can hook you up with a special holiday rebate on the SensoTouch. Just click that link in the previous sentence.

The FTC Full Monty: Philips Norelco and its PR firm, Zocalo Group, sent me the razor and trimmer for free. No charge whatsoever. I used them, filmed it and wrote about it solely for the money ­- a $15,000 donation to our team raising money to fight prostate cancer. For that, my fellow "bros in mos" and I are incredibly grateful. Nonetheless, the opinions and typos contained in this post remain mine and mine alone.

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  1. No more Freddie Mercury?
    Well done, Movember men!!

  2. I need to find someone to underwrite the trimming of my unibrow. And those Tarzan-length vines growing out of my nose and ears . . .

  3. it wasn't that bad - i got 2 girls wanting me to keep it!

  4. That didn't look at all like fun but it took 10 years off your age. I'm wondering if shaving my legs would do the same for me.

    (Nice job with the raising of the funds and snagging a sponsor.)

  5. So I'm guessing they wouldn't appreciate it if you posted that article about chasing down illegal immigrants and shaving an American flag in the side of their heads with a Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D Electric Razor. (Wait, 3D? Do you have to wear glasses?)

  6. You're naked! I guess if someone offered hubby 15,000 to shave his, I might let him. Only if he promised to grow it back after getting the money. I still can't picture him without it.

  7. That looked like a LOT more work than I expected. You do that every day? The missus must be very grateful.

  8. I am sure Thing 1 will say something once she can no longer text. "Da-ad! OMG!! I need a new phone! We gtg NOW!!"

    Excellent job on the $15k. Congrats!

  9. So I know the whole Movember thing is over, but...the first time I met a guy growing a stache for the Movember thing I thought he was a child molester. He wasn't, of course. He was just British, 35, and had a mustache. I didn't ask about it, not wanting to be rude, so it's a good thing he noticed me staring at it and explained the whole thing to me.

    You are awesome, doing this for the prostate. I should do it myself, but I always forget about it until it's too late.

    Anyway, you do not look like a child molester with your mustache, because you have the soul patch thing going on. More like Santana. Forgive me if this has already been said, having come late to the party.

  10. Good on you to wrangle such a hefty donation for the cause.

    BTW- I kinda liked your mustache; although it did look just a tad porn starish.

  11. You definitely seem a better person after shaving that off. You looked pretty menacing in it. Menacing enough for me to disappear from your blog for a looong time.

    P.S.: The last sentence was a LIE. I'm a LIAR. My Internet was DOWN. And now I can't stop doing THIS. Someone help ME!. Someone PLZ!

    P.S.S.: Uh...bye.


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