Friday, May 4, 2012

Not What it Seems

What first comes to your mind when you look at this photo of Excitable about to plunge off the back of our vacation houseboat and into the clear waters of Lake Powell, Utah/Arizona?


Wow! What fun!

He must be loving that.

How beautiful and inviting the water looks.

You are right if you guessed any of the three.

Then he hit the water.

Which measured a bracing 53 degrees.

Lots of screaming and teeth chattering followed. Maybe a regret or two. Momentarily, at least.

If you knew the water temperature beforehand, you might have had a different first impression, right? That’s the thing about art and visual perception. It’s different for everyone depending on your background and knowledge.

I had too much fun with this idea by guessing what the mother stumbling into a playground full of men and children on this week's New Yorker cover might be thinking in my weekly contribution to DadCentric: Every Superior Mother’s Nightmare!

new-yorker-mothers-day Please give it a read. See you Monday.


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