Friday, July 26, 2013

I Ran. I Didn’t Die.

Why is the woman on the left coming at me with a camera?

jm run

a) She’s excited to see a “hot” dad in the flesh.

b) That’s not a camera. It’s a small oxygen tank and she’s offering me a hit.

c) She wants to know what detergent I used to get my safety-green colored shirt so much brighter than hers.

None of the above.

She’s a photographer for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Chicago Half Marathon wanting to document my finishing the Mini-Marathon so the organizers can charge me $21 a pop for the picture.

Yes, I finished. No idea what my time was as they didn’t monitor us 3-milers but my guess is I did it around 28 minutes. I tried timing myself with my iPhone but my sweaty finger must have slipped over the monitor because it stopped at 16 seconds.

Believe me, only My Love has witnessed me finish that fast.

Thanks for all your support, monetarily and otherwise, in helping us raise awareness about Juvenile Myositis and funds for Cure JM Foundation on behalf of Li’l Diva. We’re still a bit short of our goal so if you haven’t donated yet or have want to donate again, you may do so online at

Otherwise, just enjoy the photos.


Three of the dozens of JM kids who attended the conference with their families stand in front of a quilt one of our members made from past race T-shirts. Sold at the conference fundraising auction for $2,000.

The quilt, that is, not the kids.




My crew waiting at the starting line. The strings going off the top of My Love’s umbrella hat lead to balloons. They flew off about a mile and a half into the run.


A minute or so after we started running. The photo is so sharp because I haven’t started gasping for breath yet.


Excitable ran ahead of me for the first mile or so. He ended up running a bit more than 2 of the 3 miles …


That’s fine by him.


  1. My sympathies to Your Love for the very fast finish implied. But, you know, good job and all that. I thought maybe the lady with the camera was a fan of your blog!

  2. See how I turned that around, there? I AM good.

  3. Nice time! 9:20ish? THat is a fast finish. next time, think of baseball.

    1. Better yet, I'll think of running. Doesn't get more boring than that.

  4. Nicely done!! I am all set to do a 10K in five weeks. I'll be luck to finish in 1.5 hours. Especially since I'm losing 3 toenails from this weekend's "little" walk. :)

    Excellent pics! -J

    1. Ouch ouch ouch (one for each toenail). Good luck with the run.


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