Monday, December 9, 2013

There’s a New ‘Dad About Town’

I have a new columnist gig writing “Dad About Town” for a local magazine. As you’ve guessed by the title, in it I wax poetically about nanotechnology and Italian cooking.

You can read my first column on the magazine’s website because I’m contractually unable to reprint it on this one.

However, I think it is perfectly fine for me to reprint the photo of me they used with the column because while they may have paid for my words, I am paying for that receding hairline and huge nose:

kevin mckeever

When I was told they wanted to take a photo of me for the column, I thought there would be some elaborate studio set up with 500-watt lights, Euro dance music blaring and at least one assistant to touch up my eyebrows.

Instead, I got a guy with an iPhone snapping me in front of our downstairs bathroom wall.

No joke. That’s where I’m standing in that shot. The photographer is literally three feet in front of me, with half a butt cheek on the sink counter.

Makes sense as the other photo of me that you most of you are familiar with is this one …

kevin mckeever hed shot

… which was taken by me with a cell phone camera in our master bathroom.

We have one bathroom left in the house that I have not been photographed in. I’m saving that one for my Pulitzer.

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