Thursday, May 26, 2011

It Just Happens Along

They say dogs tend to look like their owners.

dog look like owners ad campaign

You do.

Well, maybe it’s vice versa.

In either case, Murphy, Murph, the Murphinator, Murphilicious, sometimes Murpy or just plain Murp (because the first time I ever made a name tag for you, I inadvertently forgot the “H” in your name), you do your species one better.

Your girl has a relapse of her autoimmune disease, so you – dear dog – a few weeks later, you go ahead and have a relapse of YOUR autoimmune disease.

And your re-diagnosis comes, yes, on your birthday to boot.

Now you and your girl are on some of the same meds. Again.

“You hear that, puppy?” she says snuggling her rashy face against your pocked noggin. “We’re in this together!”

E.B. White once wrote:

"A really companionable and indispensable dog
is an accident of nature.
You can't get it by breeding for it,
and you can't buy it with money.
It just happens along."

You certainly have been an accident of nature, Murp.

And we couldn’t be happier that you happened along in our lives.

Happy 5th, my four-legged friend.

Now stop licking me there!

I mean it.

Quit it!

* * *

Throw Murphy’s girl a bone. Donate to Cure JM to support our family’s efforts to make sure no children suffers from juvenile myositis diseases ever again.


  1. Everyone needs a Murphy in their life. It seems Murphy and Thing 1 were made for each other. I hope both are feeling better soon. What a great dog!

    Happy Birthday, Murphy!

  2. There is just nothing like a good dog.

    Feel better soon, both of you. And Murp, we share a bday.

  3. That is one very COOL dog you've got there!

  4. Dogs, man. Nothing better. Nothing.

    And Lazy Labrador (our 8 YO, non-swimming, non-retrieving but LOVING as HELL big boy) sends his birthday props to the Murp.

  5. Happy Birthday, Murp. I think you've taken that empathy thing a bit too far yet again. What's not to love?

  6. Sounds like Thing 1 and Murphy are a perfect team!! I hope BOTH their treatments work!

  7. What a good boy!

  8. Is that rain I see pouring out your window there? Here's to getting a break already at the Home and Uncool compound.

    I had a lab once...once. All I can say is my lab was no Murphy.

  9. Okay it is official, I luuuv Murphy. What an awesome dog, and how great for yo daughter to have him.

    Hapoy birthday to the canine dude!

  10. Wow this is a great blog post seems that thing 1 and murp is a great team after all. happy birthday to you Muphy

  11. Those damn dogs. Charming, loving, darn near human. Hope pup and Thing 1 are healthy again soon.

  12. Those are the surprises that are welcoming and endearing - as far as the licking - well, just spray something on it and that should help just be careful with your aim - just sayin...

  13. We had a Murph, Big M, Murphy-burphy as well, an Irish Wolfhound. Dogs are the kind of love we all need. There is a reason there are a zillion fun dog posts on Youtube.

    I hope you are all feeling better soon.

  14. Hope Murhpy is feeling better soon too.

  15. <3 murp <3

    Sometimes my brain shorts out in much the same way that Pooch's does. I've had that pointed out a few times.

  16. LOL! the picture is great with the comparison of owner and their dog. It is great that you post a content like this. They look good together and may you enjoy the moments you have with Murphy. he seems to be everybody's mate.

  17. great team they look good together. What a funny picture with the owner and their pet how they seem to be similar in some ways LOL!

  18. Sup Uncool,
    Ahhh, the Murph. Our "Murph" was put down 1 year ago, July. We still miss her every day. Thanks for the reminder about how much they add to a home. We're thinking about another (once our 'Lil Man stops pulling hair and tails).
    The Cheeky Daddy


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