Monday, November 21, 2011

Upcoming Tweets from @mrskutcher

demi moore divorce twitterThis all confirms that CBS hired one “half man” to replace another.

Just took some nude photos of myself … with my new Canon PowerShot.

Valuable life lesson: What happens with a blonde tramp in the hot tub, doesn’t stay in either.

Yo @justinbieber! My invitation stands.

@aplusk The million $$ Redford gave me is not part of the pre-nup. It was a movie, moron.

Counseling with rabbi at Kabbalah Centre. Hope I properly used the words “schtup” and “schmuck.”

About last night … the tub shower is warm, wet and waiting for you once again, @RobLowe.

Finally! I can stop explaining how I survived growing up without social media.

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  1. Afraid I just don't get the whole Twitter thing. Yep, I'm old and it's showing.

  2. Ditto Bijoux. Definitely Yum!

  3. Poor Hollywood actors. They just can't get a break.

  4. I dislike Demi Moore AND Ashton Kutcher, so... yeah. I'm with Muskrat.

  5. LOVE @Mrs.Kutcher's new profile... HaHa! I had That 70's Show reruns also, but that's because stupid commedies annoy me... Just like the new one Mr. Kutcher is in now.
    Thanks for the laugh.

  6. Blonds and hot tubs= always a dangerous combo.

  7. Lost me at Rob Lowe too. He's yummy times a bazillion. Also, what the Muskrat said.

  8. Incredible the mental stamina of these people: to be able to joke about their marriage falling apart.

    Oh, well: I guess she's not that broken up about it. Enough is enough, right? If it looks like a snake, moves like a snake...


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