Thursday, November 3, 2011

Burning for the ‘Burn Notice’ Babe

To mark tonight’s season 6 premiere of Burn Notice on the USA Network, I’m giving away a 4-DVD set of Season 4 (which includes what I’m sure is the hysterical extra “Sam Axe’s Guide to Ladies and Libations”). Just leave a comment, any comment, at the end of this post and I’ll randomly select one winner next week around this time. I’ll give you two extra entries if you make a donation to my Movember Foundation page.

fee my love uncool dad blogThis photo raises so many questions.

Why is actress Gabrielle Anwar, who plays former IRA bomber Fiona on the spy show Burn Notice, standing next to My Love?

Better yet, where am I?

Drooling behind the camera?

On the floor, passed out and blind from seeing all this hotness in one place?

Standing dumbstruck after Gabrielle posed this question to me, “Is that a brick of C4 explosive in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”


Alas, I was back here at home, tending to the dog and Things as I normally do. My Love was in Miami on business and Burn Notice happened to be filming in the hotel where she was staying.

Because she knows how I love that show (and lust after Ms. Anwar), she finagled a quick snap with her. Their brief conversation went something like this.

MY LOVE: My husband thinks you’re so hot.

MS. ANWAR: Oh, sweetie. Short, tight dresses and high heels have that effect.

MY LOVE: Damn you, Anwar.

MS. ANWAR: Smile for the camera!

So rather than an intimate brush with celebrity, I got this autographed photo of the cast that I can pose with for today’s Movember update.



  1. thank you for reminding me Burn Notice returns tonight. WOO!

  2. It was nice of her to indulge your desires here. My bride likely would not have done such a thing.

  3. Did you ever see Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead? She was great in that. Or not really...who cares? ;)

  4. never heard of it or her...sorry...but I love your wife! She is a doll :)

  5. (Not entering)I've seen her on other things, never watched Burn Notice. Your wife is much nicer than I would be, either that or she's trying to make you jealous. LOL!

  6. Kevin, I promise if I ever bump into Ms. Anwar I will hit on her for you.

  7. I have no idea who or what you are talking own husband has become obsessed with AMC's 'The Walking Dead.' god, I hope there's no one he's lusting over on that!

  8. Holy Moly does that trump Fountains of Wayne.

  9. It all falls under that part of the wedding vows about honoring your partner's celebrity crushes.

  10. So let me see if I have this straight.....

    After an extended "holiday" from work - skiing in Colorado and sharing tapas with Pippa - You Love is now back at work, getting paid the big bucks to hang out in sunny, warm Miami and mingle with hot celebrities.

    On the upside, you have a dead rat and the Mets.....

  11. Oh, how cool! I would love to have taken a photo with Ms. Anwar.. she is SO kick-ass! Both me and the hubs love the show Burn Notice and the Sam Axe shows that are part of it. I love Bruce Campbell. (Chuck Finley is too cool for school!)
    I'd pose with her for my hubs and I'd even take a photo of HIM with her. LOVE IT!!

  12. Did Jeffrey Donovan sign his name or just draw a tiny dagger at Gabrielle's head?

  13. Damn, she is short. Saw some Things this weekend. Hope to get 'em posted sometime soon.

    (I did the team donation thingy since you DC guys don't have your own little corner of the man world.)


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