Thursday, February 13, 2014

She is Love: My Musical Oasis for Valentine’s Day

My talent knows many bounds, never more so when it comes to music. That’s why the idea of giving My Love a song as a Valentine’s Day present is so daunting.

Then I stumbled upon “She is Love” by Oasis.

The tune, written and sung by Noel Gallagher during a break from bashing brother Liam about the head, popped up on my iTunes radio the other day and refused to leave my brain. In a good way.

So I did some Googling.

I found more than 100 online cover versions of “She is Love” by Oasis and, surprisingly, the vast majority of these amateur takes are pretty good to some extent. Some are truly great (4 links!), and only a few are real embarrassments (no links – thank me).

So how can there be so many listenable versions of one song? What makes “She is Love” so pleasurable almost no matter who is performing it, even when the singer butchers the lyric “and if the sword is here among ya” into something akin to “and if the world gives ya pneumonia”?

Start with Noel G. cribbing the lyrics from one of the all-time most beloved bits of romantic poetry, Khalil Gibran's The Prophet. Keep those lyrics down to two short verses and a chorus (that repeats three times, no less) to ensure you don’t get lost in the literary weeds.

Then, set it to a peppy tune that uses all of four chords (you know, just the best ones) and keep it to roughly 3 minutes in length.


So even if “She is Love” by Oasis is not the greatest love song of all-time, it’s definitely among the easiest love songs to play and perform halfway decently.

However, it’s simplicity still eludes my musical ineptness. You saw my take on “Jingle Bells,” right?

Then I had a thought. (It happens.).

What if I cut up a bunch of these “She is Love” cover videos, paste them together and create a “universal version” in which the peoples of the Internetz serenade My Love for Valentine’s Day?

And here it is:

Happy Valentine’s Day, all, especially My Love.


  1. This looks like it took some work...well done!

    1. Several hours and may curious glances from My Love when I shut down the computer every time she walked.

  2. This is so sweet and all this footage hangs together so well. You done good.

  3. Ahh....He is Love too. Nice. Pretty impressed huh, I checked FB for one of my V-day presents. Love ya.


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