Monday, March 2, 2015

The Winter of This Malcontent

I’m feeling nostalgic these days. Nostalgic for global warming.

New England winters like San Diego springs.

Oceans rising all around us.

The landlocked unwittingly blessed with beachfront property.


Sure, the environmentalists scream and moan about losing the polar bear but, deep down, they go to bed salivating at the prospect of increased access to fresh fish tacos.

Now we have “climate change.” Idiotic name. “Change” implies a shift in the routine. Instead it’s day upon day of subfreezing temperatures and foot upon foot of snow. You know: excessive winter-like weather in winter, for crying out loud. 

Sure, I appreciate the endless supply of cocktail ice just outside my window prevents me from ever cutting happy hour short, but enough is enough.

Where’s a nutty professor claiming our zealous burning of fossil fuel will permanently keep our home heating bills in check when you need one?

frozen twig and berries
Not my frozen twig and berries.


  1. Sometimes I long for winter weather during winter. Then I remember that it's only fun for about a week, not a third of the year.

    1. Snow is nice when it's falling and for about three days. By then it's getting all gray and black along the roadways and I just get more depressed.

  2. I am an LA native. I like looking at the pictures of the snow but I don't know that I could deal with an entire winter like that. Would have to really love my life there to do it.

    But I guess it is all tied into what you are accustomed to.

    1. I think we need to set up a winter blogger exchange program.


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