Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bloody I

bloodshot eyeMy eye is extremely bloody in this photo because I:

  • Got hit by some glass fragments when Tiger Woods' wife broke me out of the Escalade.
  • Am still half in the bag from drinking with the local bloggers last night.
  • Am testing a new reverse method of preventing holiday photo red eye for Adobe.
  • Was weeping for Alex P. Keaton, knowing he could never handle his mom switching family ties.
  • Popped a vessel stifling the laughs while reviewing the new Ray Romano show "Men of a Certain Age" for DadCentric.
  • Beat Thing 2 in a Pokemon battle and it degraded into a 'poke my eye' battle.
  • Thought I needed to experience bloody murder before writing about it in my final entry for Polite Fictions.

C'mon. Your guess is as good as mine.


  1. I'm going to assume the red-eye is from the drinking with blogger buddies. Or you poked yourself in the eye with a pen while gesturing about some grand remark. Like writers do.

    My hubby's recording "Men of a Certain Age" and we're looking forward to watching it together. Hubby especially likes the sleep apnea machine as now that there's one on TV, he doesn't feel like a freak anymore. But he still looks like a freak when he's sleeping in his Hannibal Lector mask. I've gotten used to it, doesn't bother me, but the cats are somewhat afraid. I have to coax them back to snuggle after he's put the mask on.

  2. Had to be the Tiger thing. He is responsible for screwing up everything right now. EVERYTHING.

  3. Well I'll hope it's just testing.

  4. well, obviously you should switch mascara brands. some of them are just not hypoallergenic no matter what the lable says. stick with mac and you'll be fine.

  5. Contacts. Gotta be contacts.

    My eye looks like that about once every three weeks or so because I've pinched the crap out of it trying to remove a contact lens---that wasn't there.

  6. Um. The purpose must be to make the eyes water of all those that are LOOKING AT THIS PICTURE?

    Like a sympathy tear.


  7. Maybe you contracted that virus from 28 Days Later that makes you turn into a vicious zombie-like killer.

    That would be cool.

  8. Yeah, B.E. Earl, I snuck into his house and ate his brains. Now he is undead like me. BRAINS!!

    /zombiemode off

    Really, drinking 'til your eyes are bloodshot would be uncool. At least you would be staying in character. I gave up the sauce years ago.

    Perhaps, a pirate eye patch is in order. That might be almost as cool as being undead.

  9. I didn't think you drank that much!
    I actually think that Sara did not forget her bottle of naughty elf ale and you were trying to take it from her. She won.

  10. There's an ad for a free red eye remover tool at the bottom of this entry in my Google reader. As you can imagine, I could go all over the place with that one. As it is, I don't think you want a tool of any kind around that red eye.

    It's a shame it's not Halloween. That red orb would make a damn fine zombie eye.

  11. Can't offer anything -- too much barf in my mouth...

    thanks kev -- i owe you puke.

  12. Is this a guessing game? Is there a prize?

    I'm gonna guess anyway ... thing 2 and a pokemon battle. That's my guess on the red-eye, either that or I'm supposed to take a red-eye and be somewhere in the morning. (surely I would have written something like that down though, amirite?)

    I hope your eye heals swiftly dude!

  13. My mom's eye did that while we were driving. effing freaked me out.

    and seriously, it was like a zombie took over her. One minute we were just talking and driving, then I look over and BAM red zombie eye.

    so gross and yet, so funny ;)

  14. Oh, I thought you were just using your Flow-bee to trim your brow.

    what would have happened if your used it to Manscape your 'bikini area?'


  15. Well, seeing how becoming a zombie was taken, I'm going with demonic possession for the win!

  16. I'm going with you got poked in the eye after pokemon! My kid kicked me in the nachos once because I beat him at wii boxing. Sounds about right.

  17. Or maybe you got that eye when Tiger Woods' wife hit you in the face for banging a cocktail waitress.

  18. oh! oh! Could the explanation have something to do with space aliens and robot women? That'd be cool.

  19. I think you got it from staying up late and internet surfing. I mean we all need to keep up with what's going on in Tiger's life....or do we?

  20. Smoked a hell of a lot of pot? Got in a fight with a midget kickboxer? I give up.

  21. I would have to guess that you are over wearing your disposable contacts.
    It never hurts to get an extra three months out of the daily disposables.

  22. Stayed up to late video chatting with your favorite blogger of all video chat time???

    Oh wait, it wasn't me so that isn't it!!! :)

  23. I'm going with number 2. I feel really good about that one.

  24. Then again James is right. It is all about Tiger right now.

    I swear to heaven that last night CNN blamed him for global warming.

  25. Drinking with bloggers. Even if it isn't, that's the story you should stick to.

  26. "switching family ties"

    I'd like to pretend I didn't laugh at that.

  27. Oh-oh! I think one of your blogging buddies is a vampire and you got bitten!

  28. Got to read my hubs take on Tiger in our blog. It's a hoot and I think your eye is red because of the sneezing and laughing at the same time. It could have happened when you were watching the sitcom!!
    Or maybe PINK EYE??



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