Sunday, April 6, 2008

A drinker's lament

Damn you, Grade A supermarket on Hope Street. Damn your automated loudspeaker messages.

I cannot check out your "great selection of cold beer."

This is Connecticut and it's Sunday. Frickin' blue laws!


  1. I am confused by a lot of things, but I do know that liquor stores are closed on Sun. in CT!

    What is confusing me recently is sales tax. I had no sales tax at the grocery store yesterday; is there something about things being over 50 bucks and they get taxed? Or... is food not taxed and clothes are? I moved from Virginia to Rye NY and worked in CT, and ever since those few year I have no idea if this state (CT) actually has a sales tax. I truly do not know.

  2. I know of the Grade A you speak. It's on my list of "Stamford's Crappiest Grocery Stores." I am perpetually amazed by the refrigerated section and its supply of half-rotted fruit.

    And every time I buy milk from there the kids complain that it tastes off.

    Oddly enough, however, they have great sushi.

  3. Ah, on HOPE St. For a second I thought you meant my Newfield Grade A (or Shop Rite, whatever). Whew. OK. Yeah, the one by United Homewrecking has a really confusing and awkward layout.

  4. As a former bagger/bottle-and-cart-return boy at the ol' Gran Central on High Ridge Road (now Border's), here is what I know:

    Junk food is taxable; essentials/healthy food (milk, eggs, bread, fruits/veggies) are not. Not sure where the dividing line is, but that is how CT does it.

    As for milk, if you are already over in Springdale/Glenbrook, go to the Food Bag on Hope St. They have Guida's, a CT brand, and the 1% is generally $1 to $2 cheaper than at the local supermarkets. Fill up the tank while you are there as this place is usually in the Top 5 of cheap places to gas up in Stamford.

    Also, if you need air in the tires, ask the guy inside to turn on the air machine. Saves you the 75 cents.

    As for clothes, I think the first $50 is tax free, but I could be wrong.


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