Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Who's fooling who today?

Choice Pet Supply on High Ridge Road -- you have the right to charge whatever the market demands. If you are, by far, the most overpriced pet store in Stamford yet year after year you survive, good for you.

But when you ask $48.99 for the same 40-pound bag of dog food I can buy at Sport-N-Life on Glenbrook Road for $34.99, you need to remove from your storefront that three-window-wide, crimson red sign that reads "Discount Pet Supply."

Now. I'm waiting.

Ring, ring. "Hello, Attorney General Dickie B.? Yes. Press conference."

If there's a camera present, you know he'll attend. You've been warned.

OK, the rabbits you have up front are always adorable. Your salespeople are pleasant. And usually helpful.


Just overcharge me for this bag of cheese-and-egg flavored Charlie Bear treats before the guilt overwhelms me.

Curse this white boy pain of mine!


  1. Wow. That's just blatant lying. 14 bucks worth o'lying! Did you ask them why it's so pricey or is that not how it's done?

  2. And I thought for sure you'd write about the "white boy pain" link to the Ben Folds song. I put that in just for you ;-).

    That company offers a discount after you purchase a certain amount of merchandise. I forget the exact amount, but it is along the lines of buy $100 of stuff, get a $10 credit. They track you in their system via phone number. It still doesn't work in your favor.

    Sport-n-Life is pretty good. The staff is nice, knowledgeable and they always have cookies and coffee out for customers. But except for going there for food, you can find most stuff cheaper online. I like dogs.com (rawhides, FrontLine) and cleanrun.com (best deal on bully sticks I've found).

    And, if you need marrow bones, day care service or training, Bandilane in the Riverbend complex is very good.

  3. Boy - you have your consumer shorts in quite a bunch, lately. Between this and the French Toast sticks, you are channeling a lot of angst.

    Remind me not to invite you to our garage sale. But give the rest of 'em heck, Mr. Uncool!


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