Sunday, December 28, 2008

Game Boy

The note from Santa was printed, signed and ready for hand delivery, but not a peep was raised about puppies, turtles or anything else that did NOT appear under the Christmas tree. After two days, I finally fed it to the shredder.

Lesson learned: Giving eight Nintendo DS games to two kids can save a life ... or at least this Dad's sanity. But I am worried about Thing 2's.

Outside of a few potty breaks and my convincing him to play a dozen rounds of Lazer Tag around the yard with me Christmas afternoon, this is all anyone has seen of our beloved 6-year-old since he ripped through all the paper and ribbons on Thursday morning:

In fact, My Love pointed out this morning that he is still wearing the same clothes he put on to play Lazer Tag ... three days ago.

The longest "conversation" he has held with us in that time was about how good Santa is at "Super Mario Bros."

"The box was open and I put the game in and it was already saved to Level 8! I've never gotten that high! Santa got it to Level 8 for me!" he said.

This is because Santa buys good little boys Nintendo DS games through -- used .

But I think I'll let the jolly ol' elf maintain his street cred with the boy. 'Tis the season.

Speaking of which, every time you vote for me at, an angel gets some.


  1. Santa can only get to level 8?

  2. Always - you did it again! Walked into the rats nest and came out shinning. Glad your (and the kids') Christmas was good.

  3. >>>an angel gets some

    to heck with the angels, what about me - the voter??

  4. at least someone's gettin' some...hey- a girl can dream, can't she?

  5. Dang, I need to buy used games. The Noodle got a DS and she likes making the fairy fly around.

  6. One day, when your son is 18 or 19, he'll discover this blog. He'll browse the archives. And he'll find this post.

    Goodbye, childhood innocence. Hello, early adulthood neuroses.

    Good job, man.

  7. My sons would run away from home and sell themselves on the streets for a DS and some games. I'm convinced of this, at least based on the quiet that fell over the house last night while they each took a turn on the system my niece got from Santa. Based on the noise levels in my house, too, the last few days, I've apparently got a bone to pick with the fat man for not getting my kids one of these!

  8. i have nothing witty to say. your just so damned funny!

  9. Santa tests the games out first. Very good. Gotta remember this one. And thanks for reminding me that I have kids somewhere. I last saw them heading down to the basement with a new Wii game Christmas morning.

  10. (psst... keep the little one away from Team Fortress 2)

  11. I only see my nephews once or twice a year--and all they do is play video games! When I was a kid, we'd go to the arcade to play them--Phoenix, Robotron, Time Pilot, Ms. Pac-Man, and Defender!
    But when we got home, we did other things for fun--like talk!

  12. Trying not to break that intense concentration ... I suggest you move him around a bit. School vacations are long and he may develop some butt sores.

  13. If only he'd written that letter to LiteralSanta, he could have had that game beaten.

    But then what would he have to shoot for? He's probably better off.

    Glad you guys had a Merry Christmas!

  14. HB basically hasn't stopped playing Wii Price is Right since Dec. 25th other than to go to work and eat. At least he is still going to work....

    Love the "you" as a marshmallow!

  15. In my house the DS is called the "Nofriendo"


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