Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Favorite Waste of Time

I have the best lurkers in the world. Fifty-five of you in 24 hours! You rock harder than diamond! (That's the hardest natural substance in the world, by the way, just edging out Avitable's doodle and Ann Coulter's skull. May the twain never meet.)

Thanks again, and nice to "meet" so many of you. I appreciate all of you wasting your time with me. Even those of you who don't comment, though now I don't know what to do with your checks.

Enjoy the song. Look how sweaty Marshall got singing for you. Resume lurking if you dare.

Video: "(You're My) Favorite Waste of Time," Marshall Crenshaw


  1. If only I had known yesterday was delurking day. I would have totally written about it on my blog.

    This is my first visit here (via Midwest Mom), and I'm enjoying looking around.

  2. Why am i always a day late?????? WHY??

    I need a damn secretary.

  3. I feel like I might not be safe lurking in the shadows anymore. Just to make it clear, you're amoung my favorites when it comes to wasting time.

  4. Only because I cant pass up a dare ;)

  5. I have lurkers galore ovr at my place....maybe it is my content...but then I think that pople would tellme that I am full of shit, or that I suck or something.

    oh well....love em anyway!

  6. Wow! He is glowing just a bit.

  7. I have about the same amount of lurkers, but not that many commenters. What's up with that? Either way, that's ok, let 'em lurk.

  8. I was too sick yesterday to delurk - can we have a do over?


  9. OK. I admit it. I've been LUI. Sorry.

  10. First of all, you must seriously need mental help for allowing me the chance to lead you astray! Seriously, you write some good stuff here and to have you following me? Well, that is just so silly! I am not worthy, but I am SO honored.

    Showed hubby your post because misery loves company and he needed to read about the lice scare with a little boy who does not believe it bathing on a regular basis. LOL!We are not alone, nor are you!

    Hubs asked where you are from and I said "Conneticut?" Am I right? He is going TDY (temporary duty) to Westover AFB in March and will be flying into Conneticut. He will be there for a month. Got any suggestions for touristy type things he could do on the weekends?


  11. Funny thing...a co-worker also works in a nursing home and cares for Ann Coulter's mom....I get the impression her mother doesn't even like her....

  12. You are my favorite waste of time!

    Damn, I missed delurking day. I'll try better with the assembly tomorrow.

    Love the blog. Love you.

  13. I know that that is really My Love because she's ready for me two days after the fact.

    Kisses, schmoopy!

  14. I don't know if you're my favorite waste of time, but you rank up there...especially after being sick with a stomach flu for the last few days. I know, I'm commenting on a post from like years ago and will try to catch up with your more recent posts later.

    Peace out, AHAU.

  15. Show some love to us lurkers....oh damn, I left a comment.


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