Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesdays with the Dads

Tuesday is now my regularly scheduled posting day over at the newly redesigned DadCentric.com.

Huh? Regular? Scheduled?

Sure, we used to be a freewheelin' lot at DadCentric.

A post-when-the-hell-you-want, about-what-the-fluck-you-want kinda blog.

Then our leader got belatedly am-Bushed from his job, started lining the pantry with shelf paper and making "to do" lists and -- long story short -- freaked out that DadCentric could be the pathetic legacy he'd leave behind to his kids.

So, now he says we need to be more professional.

Not that he's paying us or anything.

Or that we're now above showing photos of Peeps in strip clubs.

Or writing about our kids' views of the "dumb f--cks" of the world.

Or creating cartoons about the taste of breast milk.

Or embedding videos of perverted playground equipment.

Or occasionally posting intensely personal thoughts, fears and hopes regarding our little ones.

Nah, we just need to be more regular.

DadCentric -- the Ex-Lax of the Blogosphere.

Seriously, they're good guys. Even when they're trying to pants you in public settings.

Look for my post: "In a Bar with Women Who Toss T-Shirts for Paychecks."


  1. Nice use of "anthropomorphic" in your DadCentric post.

    Easily one of my favorite words. And I so rarely get to use it.

  2. 'lining the panty with shelf paper'? or lining the pantry with shelf paper?

    is the former some kind of earth day thing?

  3. Swirl: You always win my secret "spot the typo" contests. Please see the hostess to collect your prize.

  4. Uh, if you want to be regular, use EX-lax! Putting up shelving paper sounds like the wife is giving him a Dagwood list! Or is he trying to tell you something else?

  5. I wonder if Jason paired us up like swim-buddies because he knew it was a matter of time before I'd blow my Tuesday shift. Then again, I don't have the same access to nubile young women that other dad bloggers do...

  6. Now I got to chase you down in two different places? I don't think I have the energy....

  7. Right! Professional! Yes! Um...wait, what?

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