Thursday, April 23, 2009

"You never let down ... say you do it for fun"

My Love never does things half-heartedly which is why she kicks ass at her job, her charity work and as a human being in general.

Of course, that has its downside. My Love regularly refutes my advances for fear she is too tired or too distracted or too stressed or too bloated with dried apricots. In any of these conditions, she claims, she would be unable to give me the 100 percent effort she says I deserve.

In that way, she's thoughtful.

Well, full of something.

But that is why when she takes on the redecorating of Thing 1's bedroom, she transforms this:

Into this:
While me of the "but the Greeks purposely put mistakes into their great works of art because perfection is reserved only for the gods" school of junior-high philosophy, turns Thing 2's room from this:

Into this:
(Look closely. See. Pasted a new wallpaper border over the old one.)

For more misadventures in home makeover projects, please click over to HotDads and look for my guest post: D.U.I. - Decorating Under the Influence.

Or, you can just stay here and enjoy one-time stud rocker Billy Squier dueting with a puppet.


  1. Dude - the fact that you even know what a "border" is, let alone how to apply one, is very, very HOT. (Start sweet talking about a toilet brush and I'm yours ......)

    Speaking of that, please thank Your Love for the dried apricot excuse. That's a new one I'll have to use......

  2. Bloated with dried apricots... THAT must be what my problem is!

    Nice room makeovers!

  3. Who knew Billy Squier looked that good under all that hair?

  4. (Oh, and by the way? Totally Jealous of Your Love. Because she gets to decorate with PINK. I may not be the girliest of girls, but with my only human offspring being sons, I have no choice but to dress the poor 'doodle up in a tutu to get my girl on every once and again. Your Love done good on the makeover!)

  5. Okay they need to get Your Love into that Soviet Block apartment to do a make over for poor old Billy Squier.

    I hate Paige Davis, so I am calling TLC to get a contract for Mrs. Your Love.

    Good thing you didn't overwork yourself on that border redo!

    That puppet thing should be destroyed.

  6. Wallpaper is the work of the devil. I know you're thinking it was just a harmless little border. But no - those are the devil's minions.

  7. Knew it was going to be Billy Squier from the title.

    Not ashamed to admit that "Emotions in Motion" was my favorite album at one point when I was a young adult.

    OK...I'm a little ashamed to admit it.

  8. Hey, does Your Love want to come to my house and transform my daughter's room from nothing into something?


  9. I don't know from wallpaper, but I've often wondered what happened to Billy Squire. The guy needs a comeback- sans puppet.

  10. Any chance you wore a tool belt while you did that job? Not that you technically need a tool belt for putting up wallpaper. It's just that tool belts are hot.

  11. You better take care of your love cause with that talent someone is going to try to steal her away!

  12. Hubby gets all hot and bothered when I pull out the level and hang paper... should see him swing a trowel.

  13. Bordering over border paper - that passed inspection by your love did it? Keep her. You got off very easy buster.

  14. I don't even know how to say this...

    But I feel dirty after watching that puppet. Like...if you put some batteries in his nose...

    Never mind.

    I'll just be...showering now.


  15. Bwahahahaha!

    I love your renovation.


  16. That's Billy Squire? Cool, kind of like the Ghost of Brett Favre Future if you ask me. Because BF is going to be lacking all muscle tone and selling toothpaste for puppets real soon.

  17. is there anything your love does NOT do well? Now that would be an interesting post? hope to see you guest blogging on FCC for father's day. interested?


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