Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Bear with Me

Two weeks back, some friends and I took a golf weekend in the hills of northern New Jersey.

I played my three best rounds of the entire year and was the big winner, collecting $2.25 from my friends in our friendly waging.

I lost only 10 golf balls and never my temper.

The beverage cart managed to find me every four or five holes. Mmm, frosty Yuengling on the links.

And not only did I make this putt ...

bear crossing golf course

... but also the 300-pound black bear crossing the fairway behind me didn't eat my sorry, saddle-shoed ass.

bear crossing golf course close-up


  1. Ah, communing with nature! Hope you had a cart in case escape was necessary.

  2. You are allowed a mulligan in case of black bear.

    Same thing for a hot blonde.

  3. *this is me with a look of pure shock on my face*

  4. But you HAVE to admit, it's kind of cool...

  5. I would have needed to change my shorts.

    Just sayin'.

  6. We always make fun of Brother-in-law for being terrified of bears when he spent most of his life in North Jersey. I guess there might be something in that irrational fear after all.

  7. And I thought we were starting a Bull Market.

  8. This is why I stick with mini golf. The little windmills are intimidating enough to me.

  9. Aw , he just wanted to play through....

  10. Whew! I love the graininess of that bear photo. It's reminiscent of that famous Bigfoot video. Was he or wasn't he actually there? ;o)


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