Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Confession of the Uncool

As you can imagine based on Monday’s post, it’s been a whirlwind week of projects here at Uncool Estates. Most should be done by Thursday but they would have been done by today if not for my blowing most of Tuesday attending a taping of The Jerry Springer Show.

Just as an audience member.

I swear.


There’ll be more on that adventure next week, I promise. But for now, let me summarize it thus:

Brawls and boobs.

God bless America, every demented nook and cranny of it.

Between all that, shoveling snow and selling some ju— … um, gently used estate pieces on Craigslist, it’s been hectic. However, I do have something to share with you today.

Matt of DC Urban Dad was so desperate for copy the other week that he did his Friday feature “Five Questions with” … on me. Go drop in on Matt to learn about my ultimate iPod playlist, my favorite time of the day (if you guessed “happy hour,” you were wrong) and other sordid details.

One question I answer is about what is the most uncool thing I did that day. Today, it might have been cranking up the Minivan of Manliness’s sound system and singing along to Taylor Swift’s “Hey Stephen” while at a stoplight.

The UPS driver on my right and the three high school girls on my left were not impressed. Convulsed in laughter, yes, but not impressed.

With 200 other channels on satellite radio, I really need to switch off Radio Disney once I jettison the Things off at school.

Video: Steve Earle, “Satellite Radio”

What was the most uncool thing you did lately?


  1. Rapped in front of one of my PE classes. I think I got you beat because I get to see them again tomorrow.

  2. Taught my 6 year old to clench her buttcheeks together so hold her towel while I brushed her hair....

    I know, I know - not quite a 'mom-skill' Shhhhhh, don't out me.

  3. The most uncool thing I did this week? I said to a collegue ... 'yeah yeah ... you're just a squirrel trying to get a nut'


    and I actually 'rapped' it out!

  4. A totally uncool tie:

    Not knowing who Will.I.Am was at the Grammys ("C'mon Mom, he was the one that rode the elephant in the video!")


    Knowing who Bon Jovi was.

  5. I think Taylor Swift is great. And admitting that may be the uncoolest thing I've done this week. Either that, or not reacting fast enough when the pumpkin man decided chairs were for losers and dove onto the floor in front of the entire play group. Or may rousing public rendition of At The Ballet from A Chorus Line.

    I'll stop now.

  6. I find myself singing along to songs and my sons will roll their eyes back and say, "Mom. That's totally Miley." I don't even know who I like.

  7. In the audience. Yeah. "That's what he said."

  8. My list of uncool moments is long, but this one still takes the cake:

  9. My most uncool thing, according to my 12 yr old, was singing and dancing to "Party in the USA" at the November Miley Cyrus concert. Heck, it was dark and I was one of over 16,000 people at that show. But according to her: "Mom! Stop! Everyone's looking!"

    Yep. All those people paid a zillion dollars a ticket to watch ME. I'm more famous than Miley.

    Hey, that's cool!

  10. I don't do uncool things on principle. You seem to have it covered . . .


  11. I'm still trying to recover from Mom of 2 not knowing who Bon Jovi is....anyway - I homeschool 5 kids so we are a hourde of uncoolness. I won't let them wear tube socks, though. Or tuck their t-shirts into their sweat pants. Socks with sandals, however, are negotiable.

  12. I did a Yo Gabba Gabba dance and my wife got it on video. I expect it to circle the interwebs in the near future.

  13. I attempted to do the "Loco Legs" dance from Nick Jr.'s 'Fresh Beat Band' at work the other night (I do childcare) and turned around to see my boss laughing at me. Turned around again, and saw the kids laughing at me. And not the "Wow that's funny" kind of laughing either.


  14. Not having kids has its advantage - I don't get to be on this list!

  15. I frequently lament the tastes and attitudes of today's youth, that's probably pretty uncool. Oh, and I'm skipping a happy hour tonight. Because I'm tired.

  16. I think I've blocked all my uncool out of my mind for the week. That just leaves me with an offer to be Stevie Nicks to your Taylor Swift.

  17. Hmmm... I know there's got to be a ton, but in my eyes I am the epitome of cool, so I never know.
    Seriously. I am a huge dork but I can't think of anything in particular!
    I'm tired at 6 - does that count?!!

  18. "What was the most uncool thing you did lately?"

    Tried to tell a joke to a car full of teenage boys [including my son] and all I got was the sound of crickets and strange looks!

  19. Sang "Come Sail Away" to a tired, cranky toddler while navigating the suburban assault vehicle through traffic. No one was amused.

  20. ooh, I've gotta go read that 5 questions thing. I've done quite a few really uncool things. I fell off my kid's skateboard yesterday. That's pretty uncool. :-)

  21. Let's see, I went to the gym just to take a shower there instead of at home, no, that's cool.

    Or, I went to the salon for a new style, no that's cool too.

    How about, I stuffed envelopes for the PTA mailing. Yeah, that is uncool.

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