Monday, February 15, 2010

Privates of the Caribbean

image The first guest in this week’s “When ‘Always Home’ Leaves His Home” series is the woman who will tickle you with more than just her mustache. She is writer/comedian/California-girl-and-three-quarters Anna Lefler (or Anna LeStache as she’s know on Urban Dictionary) from Life Just Keeps Getting Weirder.

I first met Anna and her hubby, Jon Bon Jovi (not his real name), a while back on what My Love and I thought was a Carnival Cruise to Cozumel and other tropical destinations where the main breakfast food is a delicacy known as “tequila.”

Little did we know.

+ + +

Dear Kevin,

Hi, there! Long time no talk, huh? Ha!

heart anchor Listen, just wanted to drop you a line to say we hope you and Maude had a smooth trip home from Miami. It was such a scene there in the cruise ship terminal when everyone disembarked; we wanted to give you guys one last grizzly-bear hug, but I swear it was like you disappeared or something!

We didn't even get to give you the conch-shell cell phone holders we bought for you in the last port, but no worries. We'll just mail them. I know Maude will be excited when they arrive - you should have seen her face when I told her about them!

Anyway, we had a blast with you both these past two weeks. Who would have thought we'd end up crossing paths on a marriage workshop cruise, of all places? I must have said it to Jon Bon Jovi (there I go with my nicknames again) a dozen times, just like that. "JB," I'd say, "Who would have thought?"

And then to be assigned to the same breakout group every single day – wow! Talk about meant to be!

So, tell us, what did you guys think of the workshop? We thought it was fan-fargin'-tastic! We've been on these relationship workshop cruises before (Floating Encounters '04, Smooth Sailing 2006 and - after a brief separation in 2008 – last year's Hurricane of Harmony), but we both agree that this one was by far the best. You saw for yourself the breakthroughs we had in session, right?

I've got a feeling the results are going to stick this time, too. I'm happy to report that Jon Bon Jovi and I are continuing to honor our on-board "contract of courtesy." I know you know our issues, so I'll just tell you flat out: in the four days since we've been back, I have not used my Neti Pot during "SportsCenter" and he has not referred to my ceramics class as the "crockery coven." Talk about progress!

The thing is, Kevin, Jon Bon Jovi and I are kind of concerned about you and Maude. We couldn't help but notice that Maude started developing "headaches" that would cause her to miss our communal meals, even though she knew we saved her a seat right next to us. We also picked up on the fact that, during your hushed talks at the ship's rail, Maude would often gesture toward us when she wasn't wiping her nose with a soggy tissue.

We just want you to know that we get it. It's hard to be the rookies on the cruise and get paired up with a couple already so far down the road toward their Ultimate Togetherness Destination. In looking back now, we see that what Maude was saying when she was pointing at us was, "Why can't we be like them? How long must we wait before our Marital Feeling Flowers are as perky as theirs?"

Not to worry! Sometimes it takes more than one cruise to shake out all the kinks. Just look at us – four tours under our belts and I still sometimes wonder how it all would have turned out if I'd just slipped out of the Radisson that night and gone on to actuarial school like I'd planned.

So here's what we're thinking: there's another relationship cruise coming up next month out of San Pedro. It's called "Us-ward Bound" and it looks great! A week of counseling during the day, unlimited karaoke at night (see our song below!) and, while we're in Mexico, we can stock up on cheap prescriptions. They even have a rock-climbing wall right on the ship. Talk about trust-building! I've enclosed the brochure, but you should get in there right away while they're still giving the early-bird discount.

This is going to be great! We can't wait to hit the high seas with you two again. Oh, and Jon Bon Jovi wanted me to tell you he hasn't forgotten it's his turn to whale on you in the dead-arm contest.

Sugar all around,


P.S. Now I'm thinking that your wife's name isn't Maude after all. It starts with an "M" though, right? Sorry about that.


  1. You had me at "conch shell." When can the Hubby and I sign up for one of these Relationship Regattas? Or better yet, do they offer Family Floatillas?

  2. Next up the Amicable Divorce - or Sea You Later - Excursion.

  3. Three words:




    Have you booked it yet?

    Sugar all around!


  4. I JUST watched Couple's Retreat, and was picture it while reading this. Good stuff. I love the 'hanger-on-er' type you meet on a cruise. Fun people. Really fun.

  5. I'll never leave the safety of dry land again. fan-fargin'-tastic!

  6. This is ULTIMATE Anna stylin'

    Loved it!

  7. Makes me want to break out my muu muu and join you on the next one! Great post, Anna!

  8. I love the song "cruising". Going to listen to it now.

  9. They have couples cruises? Are they anything like Hedonism III? Or are these real workshop crusies?

  10. Bwahahahahahaha! Conch shell cell phone holders! Hehehehe.

    That was a great read to start out my lunch! :)

  11. Well f*ck me. This explains that Break Down the Great Barrier Reef sailing tour I took last year. I always wondered why they made me pay extra for a single cabin.

  12. I too love the video and the movie they did together. It's fun making friends on cruises. Especially when you have blogging in common...

  13. Anna's BACK, baby!

    Oh, not to imply that she ever went away, or wasn't always bringin' it. Because she totally was. Anna, I mean. Bringing. It.

    I'll stop typing now.

  14. oh good that's frackin tasticlly funny!!


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