Monday, June 21, 2010

The Carnival Arrives and I Get Stuck in the Cotton Candy Machine

If you’ve ever checked out my Blogger profile, you know I live in an “area of New England mistaken for New York.” We’re waaaaaay down south in that little nub of Connecticut that inserts itself right into Westchester County, N.Y. I usually refer to it as the state’s “tail,” but you can probably come up with your own body part imagery.

introducing-NEB copy(2)Most people down here root for New York sports teams. They listen to New York radio stations and, until cable permeated our lives in the mid-1980s, we only could watch New York broadcast television stations.

Here we talk a lot about “The City” and the benefits of being a 40-minute train ride from its culture and clubs, but the majority of us only read about it after we’ve picked up a copy of the Sunday Times along with our weekly half-pound of Boar’s Head cold cuts from the Stop & Shop.

We are suburbanites; hear our minivans roar!

That said, it came as no surprise when I signed on to do today’s New England Bloggers blog hop/carnival that I found myself, as usual, to be a bit different from my other 186 NEB members.

The Uncools don’t do crafts.

We don’t scrapbook.

And Things 1 and 2 are not nearly as wholesome as the kids in the carnival logo above. Trust me.

image Then I found her -- New England Girl, a Massachusetts lass with a heart of gold, a backyard full of rocks and a few bottles of Bully Hill wine under her belt.

Based on the photos on her home page, she likes to hang out in bars. How could I resist her?

She’s searching for the perfect dog. Or at least one that won’t eat her cat.

And finally, her man is a professional fighter so damned if I am going to say anything bad about her. Ever.

New England Girl seems a little self-doubting and introspective today, so rather than comment here, please go drop her a quick note.

Or else her man’s going come looking for ya with a bucket of rocks and broken bottle of the Bully.


  1. Took care of that toot-sweet, my man, I left her some luv.

    Thanks for the link, and for the heads up about the rocks and broken glass. That stuff makes me nervous :)

  2. There is civilization on the other side of the LI Sound? Heh...never knew.

  3. Earl - Where do you think all the medical waste that washes up on your shores comes from?

  4. As someone who lives in the 'Midwest' but has never had a corn field within 40 miles of her house, I think I understand where you are coming from and I hear your van a rollin.

  5. Hahaha. I laughed SO hard when I read this. How wonderful! And definitely a cheer-up on this introspective day. :) Y'all are great! {a New Englander who says y'all? I'm also a part-time southern wannabe!}

    Small town living, ya know... all we have here are the bars, wine and rocks. ;) Not much else happens up in our little corner of New England.

  6. @NE Girl: Bars, wine and rocks is a great recipe for a party!

  7. Hi,
    I wanted to let you know that I picked your blog in New England Bloggers carnival, to follow. I like it quite a bit. Keep up the god work.

    Please feel free to check mine out and let me know what you think.


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