Sunday, September 19, 2010

Do Me a Solid Sunday: ‘Do Fun Stuff’ for Littlest Buddy

do fun stuff ad pacing the panic room smith magenis Children with a rare disease received three great gifts this month.

Money to research the cause, treatment and cure of their condition.

Broader awareness of their plight.

And hope.

No, I’m not talking – for once – about kids like Thing 1 with juvenile myositis or the $250,000 Pepsi Refresh grant people like you helped Cure JM win (I’ve thanked you for your help, right? Yes? Heck, thanks again!).

Today I’m talking about Smith Magenis Syndrome (SMS), a rare chromosomal disorder that can cause a host of physical and development issues. One child who has this is Littlest Buddy, son of Ryan from  Pacing the Panic Room.

Earlier this year, I told you about Ryan’s effort to create an album of children’s music to benefit a charity that supports SMS.

Well, the guy done and did it.

Big time.

On its August 30th release, Do Fun Stuff, a “kids' album for adults,” charted higher than Kidz Belch Bop Vol. 13,287.

Higher than the soundtrack of Ramp Cock Camp Rock 2.

Higher than Yo Frickin’ Gabba Gabba!

Folks – it debuted No. 1. Look:

do fun stuff pacing the panic room iTunes

You can read how he did it in this article he wrote for Fast Company.

The album has been bouncing around the Top 20 in the weeks since, still no small feat. (I almost said “Little Feat” and linked to one of their videos. Oops. Guess I did.)

So let’s all help him keep it there.

If you haven’t already, go buy Do Fun Stuff on iTunes (all the proceeds go to the PRISMS charity). If you don’t have kids, give it to someone who does. They’ll appreciate how greatly you’ve upgraded their ear-splitting collection of Barney and Raffi tunes.

If you can’t spare the $9.99, write about it on your blog or send a link to this post to someone else who might be able to help.

That’s all. Now, say “so long,” Littlest Buddy.

Video: ”Nothing,” Steve Foxbury, from the Do Fun Stuff album

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(All images courtesy of Ryan’s blog.)


  1. Anything that's is beating Kidz Bop sounds awesome to me!!

  2. This is a really good album. We played it 4 or 5 times in a row yesterday, and I still didn't want BP to come fill my ears with cement.

    Our faves are Morton The Caterpillar and Ladybug

  3. I'm on it. And Kidz Bop can suck it. I've told Pandora 900 times that I hate that shit, but it keeps popping back up.

  4. What a fantastic thing. I know I'm late to the party (as usual) but I'm going to get it for my grandson for Christmas. I am sure my DIL will totally appreciate it so she doesn't have to listen to the crap she's been listening to for SO long now.

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