Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Farewell, Sweet Nectar of the Season

Thing 2 spit out the last of it, expelling the hazy liquid with a whooshing rush of haste back into the glass from which it came.

The boy then appeared to do his best to swallow his own face.

When this proved futile (but entertaining), he resorted to more tried and true methods. He yelled at one of us.

“YEEEEEEEEEECH! Mooooom! That’s DIS-GUSSSS-TING!” he said, franticly pawing his lips to alleviate the citrus sting. 

“What? Too sour? I can add more sugar into it.”

Thing 2 didn’t answer because he was too busy attempting to yank his embittered tongue from out of his mouth.

“What happened?” I asked My Love. “Did you mix up a bad batch of lemonade?”

“No. I poured him a glass from the one that was in the refrigerator,” she replied.

“Um, dear … that wasn’t lemonade,” I said. “It was a pitcher of mojitos I made for us to celebrate the last weekend of summer.”

* * *

For more sad finishes, read my stab at a short story that concludes the latest round of writings on Polite Fictions.

Our theme this time: “what happens after a major life event.” Some of the gang’s offerings this summer’s entries are a true hoot. Some are hauntingly poetic. Some are all too recognizable.

Mine, “What Happens After Summers End,” is at least as depressing as an 8-year-old’s backwash in your cocktail.

And you, my friend, what did you accomplish/not accomplish this summer?

Video: Summer, I Pissed You Away by Michael Shelly


  1. I hate when booze gets wasted and when summer ends. Time to break out the pumpkin ale!

  2. That video was something. I think I'm now hypnotized.


  3. This is sooo sad! Poor Mojitos!!!

  4. My wife's mother once served her and her brother screwdrivers for breakfast. She didn't believe something was wrong with the oj until her husband tasted it. That's a hangover.

  5. I guess he'll have to wait a few more years before appreciating a good mojito. Which is good, because until then, he will stop drinking yours. -J

  6. Hehehe. I don't know if the drinks were wasted or not. Sounds entertaining :D

  7. Maybe Thing 2 will enjoy some mulled wine on those chilly fall days. I know I did as a kid!

  8. You've got to start kids younger than that if you want them to have a yearning for the bottle.

    There's nothing like a litle jack and coke laced breast milk, my friend. ;)

  9. Homemaker - Or alcoholism. Could go either way.

    Cocotte - Had a Sam Adams Pumpkin Ale. Sheer spicy dee-light.

    Cheryl - It worked!

  10. Candice - I'm glad he doesn't or else I'd have to switch to cheaper brand booze.

    Beta - My parents used to let us have a little Amaretto. Could explain my Mr. Peanut fixation.

    Choo Choo - Sadly entertaining at that.


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