Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hot Spots and Rash Behavior

dog hot spot canine hot spotsLook closely at Murphy and his noggin. Is he:

a) Contemplating membership to an order of canine monks?
b) Pining for the days of Soviet rule by Mikhail Gorbachev?
c) Plotting revenge against an over-caffeinated groomer?

Actually, it’s d) suffering from a stress-related hot spot after being boarded in the animal hospital’s kennel for five days while the Uncools took on Chicago.

Ah, Chicago.

Where we helped with a Cure JM educational conference for young adults with juvenile myositis (they sent me to the store when then need more Pepsi – hey, every little bit …).

Where a team of JM family and friends raised more than $75,000 in conjunction with the Chicago Half Marathon and 5K (I sat in our team tent in Charity Village inflating and tying balloons, and definitely NOT taking hits off the helium tank then attempting to sing “Bohemian Rhapsody.”)

Where Thing 2 ran his first 5K (tying me for total 5Ks run in a lifetime):


Where I ate of the deep-dish, gazed upward at your man-made vertical beauty from a riverboat and soaked in a final nine full innings of Major League Baseball (even if it was the White Sox vs. the lowly Royals).

Where Thing 1’s doc did not freak me out about any vague discoloring of her eyelids or bone structure (and not just because I made My Love sit through this check-up for a change while I took Thing 2 out for lattes and cinnamon rolls).

But back to Murphy.

The doggie dermatologist said yesterday that he appears to be recovering well from his bout with sterile nodular pyogranuloma syndrome, which I’m renaming “OhMyGod – your dog’s face is going bald” disease because that’s pretty much what everyone says when they first see him.

STRANGER: “OhMyGod – your dog’s face is going bald!”

UNCOOL: “Yes, and if you rub your face against his, it might help you with that mustache problem, lady!”

So now we taper Murphy’s medication again while I rub ointment into his blessed little head three times a day.

And we wait again on blood results to learn about whether we can taper Thing 1’s medication.

And life has returned to normally abnormal around here again. Pretty much.


  1. Glad things went so well for you in Chicago. As for the dog, he's just donning the appropriate head-wear for the upcoming Day of Atonement!

  2. I'm sure someone has probably told you this but,

    Apple cider vinegar and water. In a spray bottle. Spritz a two times a day. The dog smells like a well dressed salad but it works wonders. Trust me.

    There is beauty in the common problems. I really believe that.

  3. Well, Chicago was a raging success, huh?! Awesome!
    Poor dog.

  4. I was thinking monk before I read the first sentence! A tonsure for the canine, m'lord.

    Chicago is definitely a cool place, architecture overload and you can eat yourself silly.

    Here's to good results on the blood work, mate *clink*

  5. I'll take care of Murphy next time. He may come back to you missing me like crazy but at least he'll have a full head of hair. And a fondness for the ocean air.

  6. Good to hear about Chicago. Hope blood results turn out well too.

    And you have me beat on 5K's.

  7. Good times in Chicago.

    Bad times for the shiny pate of Ol' Friar Murph.

    Get him a little doggie toupee?

  8. Helium inspired Bohemian Rhapsody. A classic.

    Congrats on the Chicago trip.

    Tell Murphy to keep his head, or maybe not.

  9. Up. Keep his head up.

    Guess I need more coffee.....

  10. If Murphy starts walking around the house and you hear something that sounds suspiciously like he's barking the word 'braaaains' like a zombie, I suggest you and the family move immediately. Of course, you always see those news stories where lost dogs that travel miles and miles and show up on their owner's doorstep, so...

    Glad Chicago treated you right.

  11. WOW... poor dog. do they de-stresser sauna's for dogs or something? Your dog deserves it.

    So happy Chicago was a success for you! So happy just for everything you are doing... making things happen.

    You guys are awesome.

  12. OhMyGod! Your dog's face is going bald!

    Just wanted to throw it out there... in case you hadn't heard it today :)

  13. Poor doggie. But, good work in chicago though. I've run so many 5k's in my life (at least 100) that I think I'm totally 5k'd out for my life.

  14. Poor Murphy.

    I can't believe how much money you raised. that is amazing!

  15. How cool that you managed to raise all that money!

    And poor doggie. But at least dogs enjoy having their heads rubbed. Silver lining!

  16. Oh, poor Murphy, but I love your reply to the nasty mustached lady.
    I am so glad you were able to raise so much money toward finding a JM cure and hearing that Thing 2 completed his first 5K. WooHoo
    I would LOVE to hear you singing a helium induced Bohemium Rhapsody, it is one of my favorite songs off my favorite Queen album.
    Praying for Thing 1 and for Murphy.

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