Thursday, August 4, 2011

I’m Still With the Band

I would have loved to been at BlogHer in San Diego today but, you know, I had a gig in the city last night.

Why, since this is my second time being plucked out of the audience to perform with the legendary Fountains of Wayne, do I look so determined and serious?

1. I had about 5 fewer Sierra Nevada Pale Ales under my belt this time.

2. I was trying hard to resist singing along since I know My Love was close enough to capture my vocal stylings or lack there of.

3. I’m trying very hard not to pay attention to what the woman in the skimpy outfit on my right has going on. Trying. Very. VERY. HARD.

I must have looked terrified coming off stage. The guy working security offered me and no one else a bottle of Poland Springs from the band’s private stash.

Which I took and finished.

I plan to convert it into my own FoW shaker for next time …

When I play with them on Letterman, naturally.


  1. I like how all of y'all in the rhythm section appear to be playing along to an entirely different song. (You being the one w/ the correct rhythm, natch.)

  2. It's hard to wiggle something and sing at the same time while being watched. Do it alone in the bathroom.

  3. Good gawd, man! White men really can't dance. But you sure looked dandy shakin' that thang in your hand.

  4. I admit this was one of more Caucasian moments.

  5. have you considered going south-paw?

  6. Loved it! You did a great job with that shaker thingy.

  7. 'cause we all just wanna be big rock stars!


  8. There's something almost Davy Jones-like in your shaker technique.

  9. Watching this made me long for the days when I used to be in a band. I was the lead screamer.

  10. I was gonna say you should've chosen BlogHer instead, but then I saw that you're really up on that stage. That's cool.

    P.S. I'm sensing some Juilliard training on that shaker-thing. Well done. How's your cowbell?

  11. Maybe the security dude recognized you from last time. Or maybe he didn't want you to puke on his shoes. Either way, White People (shaking head).

  12. I know where I'm going and l know the truth, and I don't have to be what you want me to be. I'm free to be what I want.Thankyou i really love it.....


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