Monday, March 19, 2012

Indecision Keeps Me Here

Somewhere around my second Tropical Sunrise Margarita at the airport Chili’s Too last Sunday blogging need more monkeysmorning (um, I was in the Central Time Zone – it was well past several minutes past noon back home) a milestone passed.

I entered my third fourth year of blogging.

You weren’t the only one who forgot. I did, too.

So Happy Blogiversary to me.

To celebrate, since some of us obviously forgot the cake and presents (a-HEM!), I did a little renovation. If you’re reading this via a reader or Facebook, come on over to the blog and check it out.

All right, it’s not going to win any design awards but – as with most things needing fixing in our house – I did it all on my own. Didn’t crash the entire Internet in the process, but if your lights flickered at some point over the weekend, chances are I caused it. Sorry.

I’ve been wanting to spruce up the blog for quite some time. Two years to be exact. I’ve even spent some serious coin in preparation.

Bought URLs. Site hosting. Thesis for WordPress. At least two new sets of Target’s blogging lounge wear.

Then every inquiry I made into getting the new place designed and the old one migrated over from Blogger was either mega expense (yes, Mr. Thesis Programmer, I’d love to shell out $10K for your multitude of talents to ‘purdy’ up my personal blog – would you prefer payment in Enron stock or gift certificates?) or far too complicated and time-consuming for my limited code-hacking skills.

(Note to self: Make friends with more geeks and graphic artists. Preferably ones who are really good. And helpful. And gullible.)

I also keep fearing that moving the site might wipe out some comment or comma from my past. It might drop some silent, but faithful follower who started reading my prattle in October 2008.

These are the things that freeze me in front of my computer for hours at a shot. They send me looking for the label maker so I can yet again reorganize the 47 folders I have in the cabinet next to my desk because orderly files. Will. Solve. All. Our Problems. PEOPLE!

I am pathetic. But you read this far, so what’s your excuse?

So I waited.

Both hemmed and hawed.

Sat on my hands until it came time to click open the blog in hope it would miraculously transform itself into a thing of blogosphere beauty.

Well, THAT never happened.

So in a manic state of St. Patrick’s Day spirit (Guinness mostly with a little Jameson on the side), I spent several hours of diddling around with Blogger and Googling for free gadgets and easy to make code tweaks

And here we are.

Actually, it ain’t too shabby. For a freebie.

Wanna buy a Thesis license? Cheap.

Cruise around, kick the tires and let me know what you think. I have a few things still to tinker with, but it’s all in a good way.

Meanwhile, I’m having a third margarita. Then definitely a nap.

Video: Steven Page, “Indecision” (Link takes you to really nifty “official video” that they don’t allow you to embed on your blog. C’mon, Steven!)


  1. Yeah, I noticed a problem with the new design. It generates a LOT of empty beer cans on my desk. I mean, I know that can't be anything I'm doing, so it only stands to reason that it's the redesign...

  2. I'm not very good with math, but if you celebrated your 1-year anniversary in 2009, wouldn't this then be your 4th Blogiversary? With you entering your 5th year of blogging?

    Don't sell yourself short, man. :)

    PS - I dig the new digs. And the word "dig".

    1. If you've every seen me try to split a bar tab, you'll understand how I messed that one up.

  3. I had to agree with Earl until I realized (ie - googled)that the traditional 5th Year anniversary gift involves wood, while the 3rd Year = Leather!

    1. WikiPedia notes the fourth anniversary gifts are either linen, silk, fruit/flowers or appliances. So, once again Mom of 2, you figured out how my subconscious works.

  4. Now you've made me wonder when my blogaversarry would be. If a makeover for a blog is okay, is that akin to a facelift? How much of a slippery slope is it to plastic surgery?

  5. I forgot what it used to look like, but I'm sure this is better. Well done!

    1. That would have hurt if it didn't look so crappy before.

  6. Well *I* think it looks fabulous, and I totally wasn't going to say what Muskrat said.

  7. Okay, how did you get that "Reply" thingamig in there? I need one desperately & people hated when I switched to Disqus. (I left you a note yesterday telling you how much adore this so I'm just freeloading for advice today.)

    1. I just check your site and you must have figured it out. This all Blogger. I was looking to try either Disqus or IntenseDebate, but I've been have issues with both of my test site.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Thought you should know I clicked on the link yesterday that said, "IGNORE Test post" ...cause yeah, I'm cool like that ;) That and I thought maybe it was your (un)cool way of tricking us to come visit. lol

  9. Replies
    1. Thank you! (See, I can NOT be sarcastic in a pinch.)

  10. We were in the same rookie class in '08. Happy Blogaversary.


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