Monday, September 24, 2012

$50K Closer to Curing Juvenile Myositis

It’s official.

You have helped Cure JM Foundation win $50,000 to research the cause, treatment and cure for juvenile myositis, the rare autoimmune disease that Li’l Diva and our family has dealt with for the past 10 years.

Your votes, tweets and shared Facebook links helped us receive almost 9,000 votes in the latest Chase Community Giving contest. That put us in 20th place out of more 4,000 (yes – 4,000!) organizations vying for the money.

Not bad for a handful of concerned parents and family members volunteering their time to help the few thousand children in the United States affected by this mysterious disease.

Your kindness to my family and our larger Cure JM family in the past four years has helped us win $300,000 in grants, raise about $50,000 in donations and spread awareness throughout the digital world and beyond.

You wear it well, friends.

Thank you, again and again. Not just from me, but from the children your caring will be helping soon. Here are a few of them:


If you’d like to do more, please donate to Cure JM by supporting my “run” (and yes, the quotes are warranted) in Baltimore next month on behalf of Li’l Diva. The goal widget is now posted on the blog home page if you want to check out our progress in reaching our goal.


  1. WOW... it is bittersweet to say congratulations because I wish that there was no JM that has affected your beautiful daughter and caused you to go through this effort... but congratulations nonetheless on the heroic efforts of your family, and you deserve to be proud of all of the people you have helped.

    Off to donate to the run now... Congrats again.

  2. Whoa...haven't seen manager mom in years! Congrats to all involved!

  3. if only people realizedd your level of running prowess, they would be lining up to pay to see that 5k. Congrats on the 50000$. Here's hoping there is more and more and more where that came from until you don't need more anymore.


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