Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Vote for Normal

chase community giving My Love is perplexed which is annoying because that’s my household specialty.

“How does Cure JM only have 2,800 votes in the Chase Community Giving contest? It only takes a minute and a few clicks on Facebook. I’m not expecting us to win $250,000 again but we should be able to get to number 11 for the $100,000,” she said to me last night after an hour of conference call brainstorming with other parents of kids with juvenile myositis.

She looked at me.

“Hey, I’m trying,” I said. “I’ve Facebooked. I’ve tweeted. I’ve emailed people. Now I’m hitting people up via instant message. I never IM people. My online friends are thinking I’ve been replaced by a pod person who will next be trying to convince them to try some tasty soylent green.”

:: crickets ::

“Soylent green,” I said. “It’s people.”

:: crickets leaping to their deaths::

Then I threw my daughter under the bus.

“Hey, what about the girl? What’s Li’l Diva doing? This is all to benefit kids like her. She has a Facebook account. I hear the youngun’s love the Facebook and the mouse clicking and the liking and the poking!”

Li’l Diva was summoned away from another cringe worthy episode of Dance Moms to face the parental music.

She spoke like the middle-schooler she is.

She said, “I don’t want other kids to know I have a disease.”

Correction. She spoke like the average, normal middle-schooler she is underneath the makeup she started wearing this year to hide the telltale mark of juvenile myositis – the bright butterfly rash across her face.

My Love and I looked at one another.

“You don’t have to say you have the disease,” My Love said. “Say you are just trying to help kids who do have it.”

All I could do was nod.

+ + +

Cure JM Foundation, the tiny nonprofit that searches for a cure for our daughter's autoimmune disease, is SERIOUSLY in the running for $100,000 from Chase Community Giving and still has a chance for the big $250,000 grant.

This is a quick one-time vote (OK - two times if you vote then share the link and someone clicks it; three times if you are a Chase bank/credit card holder) that takes only a couple of mouse clicks. Please vote for us and our charity partner, Rett Syndrome Research, before Sept. 19 and spread the word.

Here’s some details:

Here's the voting link:

Here’s a 2-minute video that will require a tissue or two:


  1. Oh, middle schoolers... Can't be different, can they? Even though they're ALL different. Voted. Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Tracey. And yes, Middle School is like the warning shot pre-pubescence send across your bow for the dreaded teen years ahead.

  2. This broke my heart.

    On a more upbeat note, thanks for writing this because I'm a complete dufus and didn't realize that I could vote again just for having a Chase credit card. BOOYAH! Done & emailed.

    1. I thank you for your banking choices, among other things.


  3. You are the BEST. While I don't like voting contests, but if 13 days of voting can bring in a $100,000 reasearch grant, to help find a cure -- then isn't it worth a few clicks to vote?

    Here's the voting link:

  4. I already voted, but I just tweeted and FB'd the link!


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