Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dads’ Advice to Their Sons

buzzfeed logoI’m not a fan of Buzzfeed.

Not the “What kind of bellybutton lint are you?” quizzes that over populated my Facebook feed until I found a way to banish them.

Not the listicles loaded with animated GIFs ripped off from other people’s sites.

However, I’m not opposed to appearing on its pages because, damn, it’s hard to be an aging parent blogger, yo.

Besides, I am a fan of the lovely Morgan Shanahan, who compiled the article I appear in about dads advising their sons. Truth be known – I have a long-term relationship with her, back when she was just The818 and sans the lovely lavender locks

“You were one of the first people I ever met at a blogging event,” Morgan told me a few weeks ago, recalling our brief encounter waiting for a cab together in New York in 2010.

Am I THAT memorable a character to meet in real life? Of course not. But when you are the only guy at a conference of a thousand women bloggers asked to attend a Martha Stewart party, you tend to stand out in a crowd. Or at least part of you does.

Look for me somewhere in the middle because that is where I always tend to land.

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  1. I'm #15! I too am not a particular fan of buzzfeed and it's brand of clickbait, but this project is a good one.

    1. You scored many points with readers with the Arrested Development pinch


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