Friday, July 25, 2008

"Just Don't Bring Too Many Dudes."

I've got nothing today. Honest. But don't go too far away.

Definitely come back tomorrow because I've got company coming and you folks should really introduce your wacky selves to these people.

Bring your friends, too. Just heed Hef's advice in the video.

Meanwhile, push aside some of the empties and crumpled Tostitos bags to clear a path for our guests. Our cruise director, My Love, notes that Tequila Chute-ers and Ladders will start earlier than normal tomorrow to accommodate our visitors. Meet under the pergola at 9.

One last thing, has anyone seen my underwear?

Video: Weezer, "Beverly Hills"


  1. Ha! I am on vacay, too, and there are guest posts! Because I postdated them, and because I don't really have the clout to get BHJ and Halushki to post for me. Yet....until I rule the world! Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?

  2. What about bros? Can I bring a lot of bros?

  3. And now I know what they call that (pergola). You're entertaining AND educational.

  4. Mixing alcohol and childrens games = pure friggin' genius. I'm thinking Chutes and Lagers. You, sir, are an evil genius.

  5. MAW - You may not have BHJ's clout but I understand you can get one of his T-shirts or thongs at a good price.

    FADKOG - Bros, if they know you, are OK, but let me state upfront: bras are definitely optional.

    sarah - I try to give everyone a well-rounded experience.

    Dave - See, even Billy Idol understands.

    ciii - Lagers! Damn. I'm so much more beer tolerant. Shoulda thought of that one myself.

  6. Then you would fit right in over at Home, Inc. I'm brewing a Helles Lager next month.

  7. Thanks for not cleaning, my peeps like casual Friday all week long!

  8. Shit! I'm a day early...still laughing at your BlogHer entry. I'll be back tomorrow.


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