Thursday, October 2, 2008

"There's This Girl"

my love and thing 1Bittersweet defined.

Today, My Love celebrates her 40-somethingish birthday … and our family marks the sixth anniversary of Thing 1's diagnosis with juvenile dermatomyositis.

I'm not sure My Love was too big on the whole birthday thing before, but I know that memory doesn't make the triple-layer carrot cake go down any easier for her. She's told me a few times about the guilt she feels because of the whole giving birth/possibly passing on the bad gene thing.

Those are the few times I can call her "stupid" without soliciting a smack in the head. (Note to self: Make her remove engagement ring before using "s" word. Those carats hurt in more places than just the wallet.)

Here's another one:

My Love yesterday celebrated a day early by getting herself elected chairwoman of the Cure JM Foundation, the all-volunteer nonprofit that raises money for find a cure for Thing 1's disease.

Like she doesn't have enough to do. She's all over crazy stuff like that. But I guess someone has to be. Bless her.

As for me, rather than burden her (and you) with the details of that day again, I will make one request and one Casey Kasem-ish long-distance dedication.

REQUEST: For My Love's birthday, please dig into your spare change jar to find a dollar or two to support My Love (runner) and me (Gatorade hander-outer) in the Carlsbad Marathon and Half-Marathon as we raise funds to find a cure for all juvenile myositis' diseases. Make your tax-free donation at

DEDICATION: To you, birthday girl. You’re my island miles from all that's wrong.

Video: "This Girl," Jordan Zevon (yeah -- he's Warren's son)
For the lyrics, go to this site.


  1. Check in mail with warmest thoughts for the family.

  2. Mom of 2 - Thanks!

    FADKOG - You're talking about My Love's breasts, aren't you? I'll thank you on her behalf.

  3. That's a great post - happy birthday to your adored one.

  4. Donation done! Happy Birthday Mrs. Uncool!

  5. Donated. Good luck with the fundraising, I did something similar this summer, and so my donation is sort of a thank you to everyone who donated to my own cause.

    Plus us bloggers with clutter in our headers have to stick together.

  6. Happy Birthday to Your Love.

    I am so glad that the coincidences of this weird puff of ether known as the interwebs has allowed our families to meet.

    I fervently hope for the day when you can celebrate a new anniversary - the day they find a cure.

  7. happy birthday. strength and hope to you and your lovely fam.

  8. Happy Birthday to Thing 1's Mom!

    I suffer from a couple of auto immune diseases: Asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. It can be hell so I feel for your family. The worst part is how the best meds are the ones your insurance doesn't cover.

    It's good to see that you're all still rockin and rollin despite the punches life's thrown at ya!

  9. Happy birthday to your rocking Love~!

  10. every great woman is always as good as the ... other great women behind her.

    I KID I KID. you are both lucky, but the luckiest is Thing 1.


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