Thursday, October 9, 2008

Touch Me, Touch Me Not

To learn the story behind this note, you will need to read my post on DadCentric today. Or you can just hang here and make your best guess.


  1. I love kid notes. My daughter called her classmate an idiot and had to write to apologize. She wrote, "Next time I see you, I won't say anything. Because if you don't have anything nice to say, you shouldn't say anything."

  2. The only notes we ever get from school are head injury notes. We got 9 last year.

    My little guy has zipped his little guy twice and slammed it in the toilet lid twice.

  3. That note is great. I think our legal system should run that way for minor crimes.

  4. Hey,
    You r funny, and I like it. Come see me!

  5. I love that note-- I would be framing a copy of it to brighten my day whenever I needed it.

    I need to show this to my wife.

  6. My husband wrote me a note like that last night. Bow chicka bow.

  7. Marinka - If only that worked on relatives.

    Colletee - AAAAH AAAAAH AAAAAH! I'd switch to velcro.

    Heiny - George W. needs a write me and my IRA a few million apologizes, too.

    Eve - That is best come on I've had in years. The only one, but still the best.

    Dan - It's going over the mantle.

    Anna - Should I arrange to get him some lessons?

  8. Pure poetry.

    My daughter had to write a note of apology when she was in 2nd grade. She refused to start it with "Dear [Name of Victim]" because she didn't want to suggest to him that she held him dear in any way. So it began, "Fellow Student [Name of Victim]."

  9. She spelled "inappropriately" correctly but misspelled sorry.

    A school that starts with the tough words first -- cutting edge stuff. I like it.

  10. DGM - Standing on principlr in grade 2 -- good for her.

    AMR - We r quit progressive hear.

  11. Hang on to that and release it to the media when the perpetrator runs for public office in 30 years ...

  12. Oh, man, I love parenthood.

    I recently found a note in my son's room that my daughter wrote to him:

    "Nancy (her doll) is not stupid. Stripey (his teddy bear) is the stupid one. Love, Morticia"

    * sigh *

  13. I'm shocked they would allow a note like that.
    That's like fresh blood for a PI lawyer around these parts.

  14. That's one to keep in the old scrapbook. Or on the fridge.

  15. This tale was both hilarious and cringe-worthy, and I don't think you even need to have the punching bag to understand. However, there still appears to be a great deal of hostility and aggression going on in the scrawled, heavily-erased nature of this note. I'd definitely suggest the boy not turn his back or mistakenly make prey his package around that girl for awhile.

    I also wish to say I feel a wee bit creepy having just used the words "boy" and "his package" as it is necessary in this comment, but I trust you'll continue to allow me access.

  16. Ha! I think making a first grader spell "inappropriately" is punishment enough, don't you?

  17. No one likes being touched where their bathing suit covers.

    I love that they made the girl jump 2 grades in vocab as there is no suitable replacement for 'inappropriate' in this case - (also my favorite word, ever, btw)

  18. bwa!

    yes, it's funny when it's someone else's child.


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