Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Turn It Up or Turn It Off

I'm not on an extended spiritual quest. Not yet, at least. I've just been busy.

Make-a-Wish trip to DisneyWorld.

Lice scares.

Building the strengh and volume of my thinning hair.

Oh, yeah, and a deluge of actual paying work. Crazy times.

Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I'm over at DadCentric today. It's about how Thing 2 helped me overcome yet another crushing defeat in my life. Go have a look. Have a giggle at my expense. Leave a comment so I don't suffer alone.

Speaking of clicking links, by doing so a few weeks back to read my column in the latest Aetherial Relaxation Spa newsletter you helped raise another $200 to support research into curing juvenile dermatomyositis and all its evil relatives.

Did I mention generosity looks stunning on you? It's so slimming. Especially in that back pocket area.

Your assistance with that, plus a few added helpings from other friends and some of My Love's co-workers, puts us less than $2,500 short of our $25,000 goal with two weeks to go. If you are waiting to make that heroic donation -- big or small -- to put us over the top, now is the time.

Please. I really want to stop sounding like a public radio pledge drive.

Video: "Turn It Up or Turn It Off," Kevn Kinney (the original hard rockin' version by his band, Drivin' N' Cryin', is on YouTube.


  1. glad you had a great trip! You are ONE busy dude.

  2. You've been a busy guy. The post over at DadCentric was about football, right? Sorry, I'm completely sports disabled.

  3. Okay, now I have to cheer for the Giants this weekend - for Thing 2's sake. But, puh-leez, don't tell Hubby or the rest of this Santa Booing demographic viewing area.

  4. Whatever the crushing defeat was, for what you're doing for those people I hereby award you Massive Balls.

  5. Love the statue of you on your sidebar... Now, don't go sitting too close to the fireplace, okay? And if Thing 2 sneaks up behind you with graham crackers and a bar of chocolate -- RUN!

    ;) -MM

  6. Sweet jeebus! I didn't think anyone else knew Drivin' and Cryin'.

    Love those guys. Miss the early 90's. How many hangovers were instigated by "Whisper tames the Lion"? Answer? Almost all of them.

  7. HB is a Giants fan. I am a Pats fan. We both hate Mangina. Last year's superbowl was interesting.


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