Monday, June 8, 2009


Thing 1 and I are here in Chicago for our quarterly visit to see the juvenile myositis doc and yesterday, for once, I'm getting my way.

Charged expenses at the American Girl Trap were relatively minimal.

We finally walked around Millennium Park instead of Navy Pier.

chicago millennium parkchicago cloud gate statue the beanthing 1 and me under the chicago bean
We saw the closing matinee of Legally Blonde: The Musical instead of yet another exhibit at the Chicago Children's Museum. (OK, partial win -- I couldn't get White Sox-Indians tickets.)

One meal was consumed in the hotel pub as opposed to the O'Hare airport Chili's.

So today, I'm aiming for the doc to finally say to Thing 1, "Every thing looks great. Your cured, puppy! Go home. You're normal again."

However, I'm pretty sure it will be, "Every thing looks good. Let's wait for the test results, though, before we start to taper off any more medications." This will be followed by the usual "do your wrist stretches more often, keeping wearing your night boots, etc."

That's OK. Not every victory has to be a perfect game.

* * *

Since I ended on a baseball allusion, don't forget to peruse my contribution to DadCentric last week called "How You Play The Game" about my mixed feelings regarding the "everyone's a winner" theory of youth sports.


  1. Looks like a good time was had by all. However the Sox/Indians game would have been a great score....

  2. I also have an autoimmune disease. My sister has a different one. They seem to run in families.

    There is a whole list of autoimmune diseases. My donation $$$ always goes to the cause for us. I figure like cancer... if we cure one autoimmune disease, we may just fix them all!!!

  3. Wow! Another parent who has to travel periodically out of state to find the right doctor or facility. Everyone thought it was crazy that I had to go to Virginia for Lainy-Bug's surgery, but there really was no one in Michigan.

    It looks like you are having a great time and I hope you receive good news!

  4. Years from now, when you ask your daughter what she remembers about Chicago, it's not going to be all the places you went. It's going to be that she spent that time with you.

    Hope your news is good and the rest of your trip is safe and fun.

  5. Sounds like a fabulous Daddy-Daughter day!!! My husband will get his own this upcoming Saturday! (and Mommy will be out for the entire day with her friends - yay!!)

  6. Most importantly I hope the news is golden! But you should know that you have "people" in Chi town - duh - next time (tho I hope there isn't!) let me know you are coming!

  7. Ha! On our last trip, the Aquarium (awesome) was our substitute for Cubs tix we couldn't get...

    Parents have to make allowances.

    I'm glad you had fun. I haven't had the personal courage (and positive credit rating) to venture into the American Girl store yet. (We prefer the little things, like eating and sleeping when we're in Chicago.)

    If you ever go again -- for fun, I hope -- try the Botanical Gardens on the north side of town. They're beautiful, and free.

    - Julia at Midwest Moms

  8. I guess life is really a give and take. Nothing is perfect....although this post comes damn near close to it, Kevin.

    On my way to Dadcentric now. Enjoy the rest of your trip.


  9. Sounds like a good trip overall. How was Legally Blonde? My girls would LOVE the opportunity to see that one. (My boy, not so much.)

  10. Nice trip. Good luck with the doctor. Keep us posted!

  11. What CT Mom said. Definitely. I think the time daughters get to spend with their dads most definitely and very postively shape the person they become.

    (also, if that is, indeed, the case, I'm a person who shows up without calling first all the time, but I bring donuts, so, you know, it's all good)

    I hope the appointment goes well, and I also wish I had Thing 1's groovy hat. A woman like me has to keep my ghostly palor!

  12. Well the best part is that you did not strike out and may have even got a hit out of it! (Hows that for baseball references?)
    I do hope the news is really good tho...

  13. I love Chicago. If only I was not a wus and hated winters.

  14. Um, yeah. See, I know this blogger who maybe LIVES in Chicago. Oh wait, that's ME!

    Hooray CHICAGO!

  15. My hope for you all is that the Dr. will don his best Harry the K. voice and say "It's outta here!"

  16. Fingers, eyes, ankles, and anything else I can cross, crossed :)

  17. K I'm envious. Chicago is ONE big city I haven't traveled to yet... someday.

    And HELLo who wouldn't want to see Legally Blonde? love that show... 1 and 2! hehe!

    Love broadway!

  18. I really, really hope that those tests come back normal and that your sweet daughter can go back to being just like everybody else (and maybe just a little bit better...).

    Let us know. I'll keep you in my prayers.

  19. I hope you get the all's clear from the docs when the tests come back!

    and the American Girl Trap is waay less dangerous than the Miracle Mile or Michigan Ave!

  20. Hi there! I'm always home and really nerdy. It's nice to meet you. I hope the doctor had good news for Thing 1.

  21. Can you believe I've never been to see the Bean? Yeah, we're lame.

  22. I missed this in the chaotic run-up to heading out here to Maine. Too bad we missed you guys this time. See you in November?


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