Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Making "Chick Chat" Uncool

If hearing me warble "Happy Birthday" in the background of previous videos or getting mental images of me in a paper thong in the past wasn't torture enough, now prepare your eyes and ears for the full-on:

Uncool Audio AND Visual Extravaganza!

The following video -- shot by me, a step ladder, a desk chair with holes in the back and my Canon Powershot SD850 IS -- is my contribution to a special "Meet the Dads of the Internet" edition of Chick Chat, a regular feature on the "Three Bay B Chicks" blog. I'll apologize now in case my voice gives you seizures:

Did that totally ruin our special relationship? Will you never again read my writing and hear in your head that sexy, swaggering tone you imagine to be my real voice?

I thought not. Even my writing has nasally undertones.

Please visit some of the other Dads participating into today's special event: Whit at The Honea Express; the nameless husband to The Scattered Mind of a Tattooed Minivan Mama; and Tyler and Kacey from Three Bay B Chicks. I'm hoping they'll make me look better.


  1. That was brilliant!!! Loved the vid!

  2. ruin it?? hell no. it enhanced it!

    now THAT'S male enhancement. ;)

  3. You? You are awesome!

    You've also made all my dreams come true! Care to know why?

    Now I know what you sound like when I imagine you saying the word 'nuts.' This girl is going to have sweet dreams tonight!

    (even in spite of the underwear cleaning's like you're watching me and I don't even know it!)

  4. OMG. Can I have your autograph???? As the wife of a SAHD, you are now my hero!

    LOVED this video...I feel like I know you a little more now, and you are pretty awesome.

    PS: My husband would like to steal the that ok?

  5. Oh my goodness, Kevin. I have to echo your other readers when I say that you video rocked. Seriously, you are by far one of the very best participants we've had.

    I am still laughing over the volunteer breakfast that you participated in...47 women to 3 men. Hilarious!

    A sincere thanks for playing along. You definitely made fans out of us.


  6. That's right! Stay At Home Dad's are people too!

    Weird, strange, outcast people...but people nonetheless!

    Great video by the way. What was that? Powerpoint?

    Very nice.

    Anyone ever tell you that you have too much time on your hands?


    P.S. You got Mary Kay cosmetics at your volunteer breakfast?! All I got was a can of coke wrapped in tissue that said "Have a coke and a smile on us." WTF?

  7. Thanks for making my video look even worse than it already did. Jackass.

  8. OK that was awesome and cute too. Loved seeing Cal's missing tooth and the kids! Last video must have been taken just recently.

    Now, how the hell did you manage to shoot all the video Home Alone? Have you turned our kids into a mini-camera crew? Starting them on an apprenticeship program?

    Glad to know that while I'm traveling this week you are keeping yourself and many others entertained! I sure enjoyed it.

    Love ya.

    Truly yours,
    Quite Supportive My Love

  9. Great video. The megaphone is a brilliant idea!!!

    Don't worry. My image of you will still be Paul N. (After all, your creative, you live in Conn., host summer programs for kids, and no doubt have many jars of Pasta Sauce in your pantry.)

    Again, thanks - Great way to start the morning.

  10. Oooops. "you're" not "your". Dang, I should know never to attempt to type before coffee.

  11. Here I thought I was the only dad who checked to make sure the kids had on underwear before leaving . . .


  12. I'm with ChurchPunkMom...totally enhanced it. That was downright hysterical. Well done!

    Your son reminded me of my own when he had to look down his pants to see if there was underwear there.

  13. i loved it! i love it...and now, you have another follower!

  14. My only regret is that you didn't show off all your piercings.

  15. "Are you wearing underwear?", and your son checks!!! Priceless!!

    Fabulous video - thank you for sharing!

  16. That was beyond perfect. Bravo! BRAVO! *whistle*

    I need to go find a megaphone, now. I can't believe I've never thought of that, before.

  17. Kevin, Kevin, Kevin I agree with all of your fans just awesome. Your video is the best and I also got some wonderful laundry tips from ya. I loved participating in chick chat as well 'Life in San Francisco.'a Let me know when we can all go to Bed Bath and Beyond?

  18. Your "fans" said it all! I love your outoftheboxness!

  19. That was the best vlog ever! You are awesome!

  20. HAHAHAHAHA!!! WOW, you are so much better at VLOGGING than I am. You put effort into that!

    I laughed.


    The end... there is nothing better than a kids REAL laugh...

    Who knew that Dads were parents too? I learned something new here today. thanks for that!!!

  21. Loved it - fabulous insight into the stay at home dad's world. Just for the record, mom's get that guilty, I should be contributing financially feeling too... but the stay at home parent role is so important!
    I'm so happy when a family can manage to have a parent at home - regardless of whether it's mom or dad!

  22. you are awesome! thanks for the look into being a Dad.

  23. You already know what I think because I *tweeted* it.

  24. Um...Uncool, not only do I think you are cool, but I think both your kids do also.
    Loved the video.

  25. I came three times while watching that.

  26. Andy Rooney ain't got nuthin' on you, man!

    PS - the Things at the end of the video stole the show. As Things are apt to do.

  27. I want a bullhorn for father's day.

  28. I didn't realize Danny Tanner had a blog, and I've always admired Danny Tanner :)
    Great Vlog! Out by me, the SAHMs are actually in the minority these days.

  29. I am so much more in love with you now...especially since I know you are a Mary Kay guy and not an Avon dude.

  30. The whole video is so over-the-top hilarious. That's it. No more reading or watching of anything tonight. Going out on your high note!

  31. Dude - way to read the teleprompter. Obama would be proud. Nice to hear your voice without having to filter out the bar chatter.

    But, when you said "cheers" - thumbs up? Where was the black and tan?

  32. My husband is a STAHD or Manny and he is fabulous. Thanks for making us laugh, sometimes it feels like we are the only "non traditional" family!

  33. Loved it! Think of all the housewives who brewed up a little crush on you over that. A-frickin-dorable!


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