Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where It's At (Two New Posts and Thing 1 is Prone)

Thanks to all of you for your comments and concerns about Thing 1. Her blood test results came back fine, nothing wacky appeared on the X-rays and yes, I'm looking into getting her into a kiddie yoga class and even sending her to my masseuse.

Meanwhile, as I type, she's lying on the floor, arms extended and raised in front of her doing the "Supergirl" stretch the PT/OT folks at the hospital taught her.

(She says to tell all of you, "I @#$%ING HATE SUPERGIRL! SUPERGIRL IS DEAD!" Such a precious child.)

I'm happy to report that it's been a week and she's stuck to her regime -- except for a Saturday night pardon for a sleepover -- with minimal whining.

Except for the inquiries as to how much she's getting paid for doing "all this work." I think we're up to a quarter a day plus unlimited flavorless Sno-Cones (eg - cups of crushed ice). Bless her capitalistic survival instincts.

As to your regular dose of tales of Uncool frivolity, I have two offerings for you today:
Back in a bit. Cheers!


  1. The Yoga class is an excellent idea as well as the massage therapist. I have to schedule my daughter periodically for massages due to the pain in her joints and it helps wonderfully. I know you have a different goal, but it will help with the flexibility, as well.

  2. "Bottles and cans and just clap your hands, and just clap your hands!"

    And why make Creme Brulee when Southern Tier Brewery in upstate NY does it so well for you?


  3. How do you stay witty on three blogs at once? Is it character? Is it flamboyance? Is it, I don't know, what?

  4. I'm off to read- and I"m so glad all is well.......

  5. Thing 1 is right: the "Supergirl" position sucks! (Personally I prefer the "Underachieving, Lazy Ass, Hand-Me-Another-Daiquiri Madame" pose.

  6. I think she deserves an extra Snow-Cone for having a smartass dad.

  7. I just had to pop over and say YEA for your daughter and stretching and getting money out of it... and also YEA for your comment on the HOT DADS post... I literally Laughed Out Loud!!! ha! Reverse Cowgirl... HA!

  8. Whitemist -- I run mostly on desperation and immaturity.


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