Friday, March 19, 2010

Finally Home and, Uh, You Know the Rest

Our odyssey has ended.

The power is back on. No longer will my woman be cold and my beer warm. Well, I can guarantee you the beer.

Spent Tuesday night burying those who did not survive The Big Thaw. Pity the poor salmon that first gave their lives to be made into frozen Costco burger patties for me, only to go soggy and squishy in a poorly iced Coleman cooler. To never know the joy of being grilled then slathered in homemade tartar sauce. You should try it sometime.

Wednesday spent with chainsaw in hand and 911 on speed dial. As you can tell by my typing, I still have 10 thumbs masquerading as fingers.

Yesterday was scrubbing and brushing and rubbing. Then after I got out of the shower ...

I'm wiped out and not in the usual hazy, post-St. Patrick's Day way a man of my vague Irish heritage tends to be. My liver is grateful, though. My joints, not so much.

I'll be back at full speed next week, assuming they finally reopen school and I can pry the Things hands from off each others' necks. Ah, sibling bonding.

Meanwhile, enjoy the wicked organ work in this fitting musical Odyssey.

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na

Video: Mike Doughty, "Put It Down"


  1. Glad you are soldiering on

    Aloha from Hawaii my Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  2. Just last night I was wondering if you were ever going to come back. Is it wrong to miss imaginary friends? Glad all of you are once again Body Electric.

  3. ah...memories of summer and the love of a cold women. or.. beer. Whichever comes first actually. Though with a cold beer a woman is usually warmed up. But with a cold woman a beer is often appropriate. I'm so confused...why do women make it so hard to choose?

  4. The things plus 2 hours of unsupervised, un parental-locked internet time = nap for you. I'm just saying . . .

  5. 'I pity the poor salmon' cracked me up.....but honestly, stuff like that tends to piss me off because I hate wasting $$. Is it possible to send your grocery receipts to your electric company?

  6. Yay, the power's back!!
    I'm gonna have to say no to the salmon, though.

  7. thanks for watching uncool video

  8. Very happy that you have the power back on!!! (on a very disturbing note: I am aware of this while in VA at a soccer tournament......) But I will blame it on the cheap wine at dinner - Hey, they last game was so painful, the team coach lifted the usual "parent prohibition".)

  9. Glad you got the power back. You ever realize how much you need the power until it is gone. How many times did you go into a room and turn on the light switch?

  10. We lost power for a full week last year. I don't ever want to go through that again. Waking up and NOT having hot coffee, that is.

  11. If you figure out how to pry them apart please bottle that and send me some.

  12. Happy to hear your dug out and functional again! time to relax now and allow yourself to thaw.

  13. Power, brother! Woot!

    You know, I had to stop wearing my boat...kept getting stuck in doorways, plus my employers had a rather dim view of it. Haters.

  14. It never is an easy work nor i will be an easy work... Keep it up as you sound to be doing a really good job after matter what it takes!

  15. Happy to hear your dug out and functional again! time to relax now and allow yourself to thaw.


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