Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Still Powerless (and Gamey)

The lights remain off at Uncool Estates, however, we have found refuge in several places with an abundance of outlets and a tolerance for smelly patrons: namely, the public library, the mall and a few generous friends. Given this, a few observations from me:
  • The TP at the library is far kinder and gentler than the see-through, one-ply stuff at the local Barnes & Noble "superstore." Super, my sore ass.
  • This finding explains why our library is always in debt. Previously, I had thought its problem with excessive spending on paper products was about buying too many copies of the latest Jackie Collins novels.
  • The library is definitely not spending its money on computer monitors. This one I'm working one looks like it fell off the back of a truck. 
  • A truck delivering IBM PC Jrs.
  • If dropped naked in the middle of the desert, the Things would die not of dehydration, starvation or sun exposure. Within 3 hours, they would keel over from lack of electricity, their thumbs flicking reflexively for their missing Nintendo DS Lites.
That's all for me now. If you want something fun to read in the meantime, please head over to Polite Fictions, a collaborative fiction blog I write for with some really talented folks.

This go round, we are doing "The Alphabet of Regret." We each take a letter then choose a subject accordingly: autism, breakdown, cowboys, etc. When my turn came up last week, I -- being the Ringo Starr of this band of bloggers -- went all Octopus's Garden/Yellow Submarine on them and wrote:

F is for Femme Fatale, a cautionary tale about mixing religion, revenge and, um, bondage.

Fiction, people, it's fiction.


  1. Aww... reading this took me back to the Ice Storm of 2008
    Powerless for nearly two weeks in NH
    Do you remember that book "Alive"?
    it was like that but with less cannibalism.

    Peace ~ Rene

  2. I can only imagine The Things reaction when you produced graph paper and pencils proclaiming "Let's Play Battleship!"

  3. Good God, man! I didn't even think about not being able to chargeva DS. My kids would never survive! Godspeed, Uncools.

    p.s. - the bathroom at my BN is a gateway to hell. I use the TP to cover mu eyes from the horror.

  4. Haven't lost your sense of humor, though - that's awesome!
    I'd be a mess right about now, in the same circumstances!

  5. awesomeness you are...that was my best yoda impression!

  6. plugged in and recharging at Starbucks. On Monday the place was swarming with OPOCKs (Older Parents of College Kids) and homeless yuppies. This morning, I no longer have to hover and wait for outlets which must mean the power's on everywhere but my house.

  7. heard barnes and noble have some open outlets just no ibm's...wishing power to you soon...I'm quite attached to my hairdryer, don't think handryers would work well.

  8. Always good to know who gives good TP. Tonight can't come fast enough, right?

  9. Glad you all are okay at least. I think the worst bout of this that I ever got was in the early 80's when Hurricane Alicia hit the gulf coast and my house didn't have electricity or water for like 2 weeks. I must not have had my Atari 2600 yet because I don't remember much video game withdrawal. Hope y'all are back in the (un)cool soon.

  10. I Don't envy you, we were luckily, the beauty of living near the beach is good drainage and trees don't grow high enough to knock out the power lines. On the plus side, if you ever run out of toilet paper you'll know where to go.

  11. Woo-hoo, PC-Juniors! Let's fire up "Ancient Art of War" and take out Crazy Ivan!

  12. It's Thursday night. Are you still powerless and gamey? I hope not. I absolutely hate when the power goes out. It used to a very frequent, aggravating occurrence in our neighborhood, until they changed our place on the grid. (What?) This post reminds me once again I'd never survive as a pioneer.

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  15. How much longer without power, do you suppose? That stinks!


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