Monday, March 15, 2010

Power to the Uncools! Please?

All those people left without electricity and heat after that storm knocked down all the trees and powerlines in the Northeast over the weekend?

The Uncools are among them.

We're all fine. We narrowly had a tree fall on the Minivan of Manliness while trying to get out of the neighborhood on Saturday night. We had another just miss our patio shortly after that. This freaked Thing 2 a bit, but other than that, we're all good.

Our house is fine, but dark and cold and missing a handful of shingles from the garage roof. Oh, it's also filled with a slowly rotting freezer full of food we had just purchased at Costco.

On the positive side, my arteries didn't need that 8 pounds of bacon, any way.

Latest word is that we'll get power back on Wednesday.


8 o'clock.

I'll survive but the Things were a bit stir crazy without computers, TVs and the like after just 30 minutes. We're at the public library charging up their Nintendo DS's as I type while I look for a non-existent local hotel room to crash in. They'll survive, though. Luckily, it isn't sub-freezing temperatures and I still have some firewood left from the storms three years ago to burn and we have a warm Lab to lay on our feet.

Please don't try to come help us. Really. I've had one cold shower in four days and I'm afraid my funk would render you unconscious.

Hope to have more for you soon from a re-electrified Uncool Estates. Be well, all. We are.


  1. Good lord, man. WEDNESDAY?! Three full days with no power, no heat and my kids?! I'd be looking to check into a nuthouse, not a hotel.

  2. This is a great opportunity to teach your kids about the pioneer lifestyle. Chopping wood, fetching wood, water, and charged particles; and wallowing in one's own filth. I envy you!

  3. I'd say cash in Your Love's frequent flyer miles and head south to some place warm. Maybe Port St. Lucie? By 1:00 pm Wednesday? Have the kids keep stats and call it and educational field trip.

    Seriously, vs. Boston

  4. Glad you are okay, even without power! We lost for a day!

  5. I just noticed your comment tagline! *fist bump*

    We're not powerless, but the wind is driving me insane. We got the royal powerlessness treatment in February. We were able to stay local by kickin' it old school with the yellow pages and a well-charged phone. Keep calling. As folks regain power, they cancel their reservations. Three days is just way too long to go without heat and hot water. Even without Thing 1 and Thing 2.

  6. We had something like that a few years ago after a hurricane. No electricity, freezing showers, rotting new food. Still, I'd take that over the 6 foot of snow we had this winter.

    Good luck!

  7. I was worried about my Fairfield County friends, so I'm glad you are ok, albeit funky with bored, antsy kids. At least My Love can go to the office.

    By the way, stocking a freezer gurantees you'll lose power, just like washing your car means it's going to rain, or a pigeon will christen your windshield.

  8. Oh, God. Our power was out for 5 days last year (luckily during perfect, gorgeous weather) and I thought I would lose my ever loving mind. The first few hours were no biggie - my kid and I even made flashlight hand shapes on the wall. I kept thinking the damn power was going to come back on later that night. The next day, I had my first mental breakdown.
    I am no Laura Ingalls Wilder.
    I hope your power is back on soon!!!

  9. That sucks dude. Much luck wished.

  10. Good to hear you are surviving.
    One word for future reference ~generator.

  11. That is so awesome! No National News (bad news) for the next three days! You are sooo lucky!

  12. There's plenty of room at Casa de Crazy, if you can get here. There's room in our freezer, too. Not for you, silly, for the bacon!

    I hope your power comes on sooner rather than later, and that you keep warm and safe meanwhile.

    Shade and Sweetwater,
    K (who is most definitely NOT at her sexiest right now unless you find hair sloppily pulled into a bun, old blue jeans that are two sizes too big, sixty extra pounds around the hip and arse area, and distinctly garlic-y breath sexy, in which case...yeah...)

  13. We had a chest freezer in Florida that was out of power for five days during a hurricane and the stuff in it was fine - we didn't open the freezer during the emergency though. You should be ok if you aren't opening it all the time.

    Keeping kids normal during a crisis is just being normal yourself. You can do it. Relax.

  14. I see a whole series coming out of this. "The Three Days Of Living Amishly" or something like that.

  15. My sympathies! The worst part for me is not being able to make a cup of coffee. Hope you have a Starbucks nearby.

  16. Oh no! I hate losing power.

    Last time we lost a fridge full of food our home owners insurance covered it. Might be worth checking into. And now I'll stop with the unsolicited advice.

  17. Gosh, I didn't realize I was at my sexiest when I comment. I should let my husband know about this so he likes me on the computer a bit more...

    Good luck. I don't know what I'd do if I had to bring my family back into a house with rotting food. I think we'd all be so forlorn there would be no helping us.

  18. That doesn't sound fun at all. Sounds like you need a generator for backup. But, I don't have one either so I'm a total hypocrite :-) I don't even know where my flashlight is.


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