Thursday, October 28, 2010

Selling Body and Soul This Halloween

Let’s take a partial break in my series of celebrity-sighting posts for some timely seasonal messages regarding Halloween.

I say “partial” because the first involves Jill Sobule, the singer/songwriter who wrote and performed the first “I Kissed a Girl” hit song back in the mid-1990s. She was the opening act for – ahem – me and Fountains of Wayne early this month and, because I exude some rare hormone that facilitates offbeat encounters with people of cult status or notorious nature, I ended up talking with her after the show … and owing her money. But that’s a story for later.  

Here’s Jill, in a performance from that night, discussing a Halloween trend that is especially disturbing for we parents of young girls:

Video: The Halloween Song by Jill Sobule

* * *

Since this time of year the odds of you coming face-to-face with The Devil go up exponentially, with Election Day looming nearby and all, I thought I’d present to you the one and only episode from the second incarnation of Twilight Zone that I remember anything about.

It’s eight completely entertaining minutes of how to beat Satan at his own game, featuring Sherman “George Jefferson” Hemsley (who unfortunately never yells “Weezie!” during it) and Ron Glass from Barney Miller sporting Lionel Richie’s hair and some real bad-ass designer jeans. Enjoy and go easy on the Fun-Size candy.

I of Newton, The Twilight Zone, 1985


  1. HAHA! "Unless you're Ann Coulter..." "Sarah Palin and her imaginary gay friend..." I've never heard of her before, but she's got a nice voice..

  2. Cute Song.

    Designer Jeans (had to be Jordache) & Hell=Newark T shirt. Very entertaining.

  3. I'm digging the tee shirt and the funky music from the George Jefferson thing!

    Happy Halloween!

  4. Yep, I predict that Halloween with my daughter is going to start getting real scary in a few years. Not looking forward to it.

    Jill Sobule has a great voice. I'd forgotten.

  5. That was some halloween fun. And Jill Sobule is adorable.

  6. Love the song. Thanks for some Halloween laughs.

  7. That video is awesome, and thank you for that blast from the past! I saw the original years ago, and absolutely loved the t-shirts. And to double the coolness? Based on a short story by Joe Haldeman, one of my favorite sci-fi writers.


    I'm so glad my daughter just wants to be Ariel this year. Whew!

  8. FYI - The after Halloween sales at just about any store is a good way to stock up on bedroom wear for the wifey. Just sayin'.

  9. Haha...what ever happened to Ron Glass? Despite the boom mic in the frame, that was a pretty good episode.


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