Friday, October 15, 2010

Love; Pass It On

Because the monsoon sweeping down as I type is carrying away the grass seed I put down for the 12th time in a month.

Because when the sun rises, and with it -- me, much of autumn’s bursting brilliance will have become soggy blanket of Crayola puke upon my muddy yard.

Speaking of expulsing bodily fluids, because no sooner did I step out of a New York City parking garage this week then did I step smack into a steaming pile.

Because that last bit compelled me, friend to all things canine – even those with the squirts, to give the stink eye to every dog and dog owner I passed in the next hour.

Because when I finally found a public bathroom, they were out of toilet paper.

Because while waiting to learn this, the thick-accented South American woman queued in front of me answered her cell then burst into tears because her sister really did have cancer, and I couldn’t do anything except hope my reeking shoe didn’t make this even worse for her.

Because my blog reader and Twitter feed has been filled with death, divorce, disease, despair and destruction of late. This may have drove my favorite escape, our TiVo, to finally off itself permanently Wednesday at the tender age of 6, taking with it my favorite two episodes of Ed.

Because Thing 1 is again struggling with her reading and resisting all my efforts to help her.

Because the doctor told me my total cholesterol and bad cholesterol are both over the limit. Dearest cheese, I’ll shall always think back fondly on the many tasty moments of crumbly delight we shared.

But finally because the keyboardist in this band did me a real solid last week (more on that later) and this is just the kind of infectious hook those of you bruised and battered by the past week could use right about now.

So, crank it!

And yes, you may interpret that as need be.

Video: Love; Pass It On by The Middle Eight

* * *

Everyday Goddess AwardFinally, a special thanks to Elise of Everyday Goddess for making me a “Post of the Week” earlier this month.


  1. I dig it.
    Not the part where the week sucked.
    The song part. Very well chosen.

  2. Catchy tune. Like it.

    Might not quite cure stepping in a steaming pile, but would help.

  3. Fun song. I love that phrase "stink eye" aka "skunk eye" or "hairy eyeball." Your way with words makes me smile.

  4. Ah, from dog doo to love. You, sir, are an incurable romantic!

    Solid, man, solid. And making videos like that for music like that is something that would be so cool to do.

    Glad to see the week is looking up :)

  5. This song is Delicious!

  6. Dang - I hate when those weeks happen.

    Give me a shout if you need some reading ideas for Thing 1.

    Hope next week has a lighter step to it.

  7. I love that you notice things like the phone conversation...and care about it.

    This song is great!

    It'll at least make stepping in the dog doo have some rhythm to it. :)

  8. Here's hoping your weekend makes up for your week!

    Yeah, it is awfully positive sounding but what the hell - it all has to change at some point doesn't it?


  9. In LOVE with the song! Also, I used to work with a lot of kids with reading proficiency issues. If you want to email me, I might have some suggestions you can use! The first is this:

    Try it yourself, then click on Using VARK, to find one for Thing 1's level. When she's done, and you have a score, click on helpsheets, which have AMAZING suggestions for learners of all different kinds. You may learn something that will help her tremendously!

  10. That is some catchy shi . . . stuff. I mean stuff.

    Sorry about the rough week dude. My day so far has ben full of steaming piles. I feels ya.

  11. Although I didn't step in it, I've had the same exact week only different.

    'Preciate the upbeat.

  12. I've been in a foul mood of late and there's not even any poop on my shoes. Hope the tide turns soon and it's all sunshine and lollipops for you!

  13. Hope the weekend treats you a lot better than the week did.

  14. I'm cranking!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  15. I've been having one of those months and that song was wonderful. Thanks for the pick-me-up.
    Hope you have a much better week next week.

  16. i MIGHT have you beat. But it's not something I can post


  17. We all have weeks like this... it has to get better...right? Just passing along the "love" :) -J

  18. Thanks for passing on the "love"!

    I, too, have been having a rough week...starting to think it might be catching. lol

  19. Cool tune! Don't give up on cheese. There are pills you can take for that stupid cholesterol.


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