Friday, April 27, 2012

Photo Finished

I write about my failures as a family portrait photographer on our recent trip West at DadCentric today. Here’s the start and one of my many bad photos to entice you. Cheers!

zion-butt The poetic among us would find rich metaphoric comparisons between the taking of our yearly family portrait and my annual health checkup.

I kinda froze here: one is a figurative pain in my tuchus; the other is literally.

:: snap :: ... and exhaaaaale -- good.

Though a notoriously mediocre point-n-shooter, I undertook the job of family photographer this year because I now own a decent camera and we were going on a scenic week-long trip out West. The breathtaking, soul-enriching beauty of the Grand Canyon and such should surely override my technical ineptitude and my motley crew's many flaws, right?

Yeah. Right.

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  1. Ahahahahha! I love that photo. Heading over to the other site to read the whole story.

  2. I love that pic as well. I like the quirky angles and realities of family over the perfectly focused faces and immaculate homes.

    Really, I do. Have you ever had a kitchen as clean as some of the ones on the blogs. Really? And whose kid's bedroom has all the toys put away and no stray socks?

    Nobody I know.


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