Friday, June 15, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Yesterday

Just a quickie to note Murphy had an excellent appointment with Vet No. 3 yesterday. She thinks his nasal fungal infection from hell is finally all gone, despite the still occasional snot rocket he fires with a sneeze.

She said she was also most impressed with how good his coat looks after his most recent bout with the infamous autoimmune disease that renders him bald.

Which got me looking back at some photos.

Which made me wonder how I have ever managed during this crisis not to brush him into non-existence.

dug-fur-porch Yep, those are not snow piles in spring. All those white blobs are Murphy fur.



  1. Yeah for Murphy!!

    (but seriously, you call that a lot of hair. I have this much german shepherd hair under my sofa AFTER I vacuum.)

  2. Oh hooray! I'm happy Murphy is all better now!


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