Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Why Hump Day is a misnomer

This Flight of the Conchords song could be based on my life.

But it's not. You know how I know?

Because it's Wednesday. The Uncool Law of Business-Time Probability indicates conditions are less than perfect despite Wednesday being known to the Morning Zoo crowd as "Hump Day."

Might have something to do with the wife's travel schedule. How is London, honey?

Further proof:

  • I do the laundry and sort the recycling in our house.
  • My Love does not own a "Team Building Exercise '99" shirt, although she did have a preference for a ratty red "Hooligans" softball jersey (also of 1999 vintage). That piece of clothing did not survive the Great Closet Expurgation of Aught-Seven.
  • In the video, the two so-intense minutes are not interrupted by children in search of Sippy Cups (p.m. version) or French toast sticks (a.m. version).

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  1. Uh oh... I didn't realize you were also a "flight of the conchords" fan. I just had a flash of you in your finest socks informing Your Love that it was "business time." Must go drink some vodka now.

  2. Argyles all the way, baby.

    I've got lots of gin in the cabinet if you need some extra medication.

  3. ROFL @ MM comment!

    You are alright by me because anyone who pisses off a Bush member is a friend of mine! Could start pissing the hells outta Dubbaya too! :)

  4. Someday I'll write about my whole interaction with the Bushes. It was before either of them reached higher office. In short: Jeb was a total tool to me. W was actually quite pleasant. he was the kind of guy you could have a beer ... if he still drank.

    But "pleasant" doesn't equal "wise, bold visionary who can lead and inspire a diverese nation through economic and international crisis."


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