Friday, May 30, 2008

Get your rock salt, honey!

This goes out to my poor friends trapped in cubicle hell on this beautiful Friday afternoon. Me, I'm heading to the 'fridge to start happy hour.

(If you're not finding this funny, it's because you're not realizing that half the images are misinterpretations of the lyrics. The chorus, for example, is actually "Get your rocks off, honey." Man, you take all the fun out of this sometimes.)


  1. Too funny! Good edit!

  2. Dude if it's "Get your rocks OFF", what's with the rock SALT? Stupid. I'm up making comments trolling for blog hits and I'm getting videos with images that DO NOT MATCH THE CONTENT.

  3. BHJ - You must be desperate if you've come HERE looking for hits for your blog. Most days, I can't even get My Love on here. It's like when the Dinosaur Boss once told me that if I sent him an e-mail of any importance that I should let him know ... by leaving a message on his voice mail.

  4. Some people just don't get the joke, Kevin. I think it's funny. But I keep wondering if you've got the rock salt, where's the tequila and the lime? And the margarita glasses? Did you know you can dip the rim of the margarita glass in the honey and it makes the salt stick really good? I learned that on Martha Stewart's website. Or maybe it was on Food Network. I forget.

    What was I saying?


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