Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Double Your Pleasure

Remember when your local rock station did "Two for Tuesdays" in which they played back-to-back cuts from your favorite band? Or more likely, some crappy band that made your skin crawl?

(Great. Now I've got Tears for Fears stuck in my head. "Shout, shout, 'I think I've got gout!' ...")

Anyway, I have two goofy ones for you on other sites today:

1. As part of the ingenious Great Interview Experiment, I was interrogated by the lovely fly-by-night, Winter, at Sunlight Sucks. Read it to learn:

What mainstream movie gets my hormones racing!
What I really think of all you "Mommy Bloggers" out there!
Whether Barry White is my favorite musical aphrodisiac!

You can find those answers and many others about my idiot self by visiting her site today! Please drop her a comment so she knows you came by.

2. I have a brief tale on DadCentric.com about love on the fade that is given one last desperate chance to reignite. I won't give away the ending completely but the following tune by the poorly coifed Tim Hawkins will give you a clue:

Enjoy 'em and thanks for your patronage.

(Dang it! "Ev' -ry bud-dy wants to drool on Earl ... ")


  1. I saw your interview over at Winter's site and was well intrigued. Than you put up that song and know that you will be added to my fav list and be read everyday you post by me.
    My hubbie, the dork in my life, loved your song and is now singing it. SO for that I should send you a really nasty stripper. BUT I dont know you that well so I will save that for someone else I need to get back.

  2. You are a fan of Southern Culture on the Skids? I think I am in love.

  3. Maryo - I could really use a nasty stripper. The basement door is flaking like it has dandruff.

    Seriously - We even have photos of Thing 2 being cuddled by Mary Huff, the funkiest, red-haired bass player in the biz. I'll have to dig them out.

  4. Ewww... I always hated it when they played back to back Rush. I abhor Rush

  5. Would you dedicate "Faithfully" and "Open Arms" to Kevin? Thanks!

  6. Wendy - What if they did back-to-back Bob and Doug MacKenzie and one tune of "Take Off" featuring Getty Lee?

    FADKOG - You know, if I wasn't married ... I'd be single.

  7. I'll have to put you in my feed reader now. Otherwise my girl MaryO will make fun of me for not reading you when she does! LOL She's not easy to please sometimes so if you've won her approval... well I know a few women who will coming here to read you in order not to risk the wrath of Mary! (Which can include really gross things like a fat Elvis impersonator singing telegram on your birthday. Be thankful she only offered you the nasty stripper.)

  8. Sooo...doe sit mean we can't be friends if I wear the T4F shirt my hubby just got me? Is it safe to say "not everybody wants to rule the world?"

    Ok, I'm done.

    Great blog! Funny, witty, not fluffy...my kinda style!

  9. Dig those pictures out! Cool, cool, cool!

  10. I always hate the two-fer of crap. I gave up on radio years ago, and every time I've dabbled since then, it's only reinforced my resolution.

  11. In my neck of the woods, Two for Tuesday meant that the drive thru liquor store on the state line sold two for one frozen mixed drinks to minors who then drove the 40 minutes home on curvy backroads.

  12. Ahhh, Rush and Journey! Rock on!

    I just aged myself. ACK!


  13. um, they still do 2-fer-Tuesday here in NC

  14. Exactly what I was thinking, Greg, upon reading this post. Rock 92 (G'boro/W-S/HP -- the rock mecca of America) is still all about 2'fers all Tuesday long.

    But then I started to wonder if we were really behind. This is a state where wearing OP and Stubbies was still cool in 1999. Hardly cutting edge.


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