Monday, April 19, 2010

My Son, The Fashionista

It dangled limply out from under his plaid pajama bottoms.

"Thing 2, what's that?"

"It's my Sock BandTM. I have three. See?"

leg with sock bands

"Those are just groddy socks that you have worn the bottoms out of and shoved up your leg."

"Yeah. Sock BandsTM. I invented them."

"And what purpose do they serve?"

"I dunno."

"How long have you been wearing those ripe babies?"

"Two weeks."

"To sleep?"


"To school?"


"You showed your classmates your Sock BandsTM?"


"Do they all wear them now?"

"Nope. They don't know how to make them."

"Maybe you need to incorporate and go into business selling them."

"Hmm. Maybe."

"It's tough being an fashion innovator, let alone the stud of the second grade, huh?"

"What's a 'stud'?"

"One lucky bast--, er, boy."

"Yeah. That's me."

"Rock on, son."

"OK, Pops."

+ + +

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  1. I see big things ahead for that boy!

  2. That's hilarious. Is that how he disposes of his socks? Does he just wear them until the bottoms fall off and then push them up his leg and put on the next pair?

    That is crazy efficient.

  3. [off to cut the bottom of my socks. I will be the coolest guy in Baltimore!]

  4. Sock-Bands, huh? That's pretty weird. But, hey, they've gotta start somewhere. The way I see it silly ideas are still ideas. They lead to bigger and better things. Just keep thinking, kid! You'll get it :-)

  5. I love how you've got that whole catch your audience in the first sentence down to a science. Oh crap, I think I just woke up my husband with my maniacal laughing!

    He's a real chip off the Uncool.

  6. In a Sexy German accent:

    Permanently replacing Michael Kors as one of our judges, let me introduce you to the visionary Thing 2, who gave the fashion industry The Sock Band.

  7. I have the same pajama bottoms. Just FYI.

  8. The Trademark notation might be my favorite part of that blog.

    Because it's only a matter of time before this blog goes viral and you're fielding calls from Isaac Mizrahi.

  9. I feel like I live in a very similar fashion house. I just dread wondering what the fashion statement of "I haven't changed my underwear in four days" is actually making. Boys are very couture!

  10. Good god, please make sure those things aren't too tight or his legs will match is pants.

  11. Classic. And dang he was really wearing those to school without telling you?

  12. Your son seems to have fallen close to that tree...I can tell you were jealous you didn't think of this yourself. Take it easy on him, he's just a kid :)

  13. Don't forget to register it with the trademark office. If Amazon can patent "one click"...

  14. Hahah! Thats awesome!
    Tell him that if he washed those babies he might have people wanting to buy them =]

  15. That's so weird, and so funny! What does he think that they achieve??


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